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Met1010 test 2 31-60

Fog that most often forms as warm rain falls into a cold layer of surface air is called
Clouds are classified by their
A reasonably successful method of dispersing cold fog is to
seed the fog with dry ice
Fog is a major hazard to aviation
Which association below is NOT correct?
altostratus- high cloud
At which city might you be able to observe cirrus clouds at an altitude of 3,000 m (0,000 feet) above the surface?
Barrow, Alaska
Even at high elevations where cirrus clouds are found, liquid water still exists in the clouds.
Which association below is not correct?
altocumulus castellanus- resemble "little castles"
Which cloud is LEAST likely to produce precipitation that reaches the ground?
In middle latitudes, which cloud will have the highest base?
A halo around the moon means that
cirrostratus clouds are present and the clouds overhead are high clouds
Which cloud type is composed of ice crystals and can cause a halo to form around the sun or moon?
Which of the following associations is not correct?
cumulus congestus - anviltop
Light or moderate-but-steady precipitation is most often associated with ___clouds
In middle latitudes, which cloud will have the lowest base?
Which of the following cloud types would be found at the highest elevation above the earth's surface?
Which of the following pairs of cloud types could be very similar in appearance?
altocumulus and cirrocumulus
Which clouds often appear in parallel waves or bands?
A "mackerel sky" describes what type of cloud?
When viewed from the surface, the smallest individual cloud elements (puffs) are observed with which cloud?
Cirrus clouds are composed primarily of
ice particles
Detached clouds of delicate and fibrous appearance, without shading, usually white in color and sometimes of a silky appearance are
cirrus clouds
Suppose the sky is completely covered with a thin, white layered-type cloud. You look at the ground and see that objects cast a distinct shadow. From this you conclude that the cloud type must be
At middle latitudes, the base of an altostratus or altocumulus cloud would generally be found between
6500 and 23000 feet
A middle cloud that sometimes forms in parallel waves or bands is:
A dim, "watery" sun visible through a gray sheet-like cloud layer is often a good indication of ____ clouds
The name given to ragged-looking clouds that rapidly drift with the wind beneath a rain-producing cloud is:
An anvil-shaped top is most often associated with:
If you hold your hand at arm's length and cloud elements appear to be about the size of your fist, the cloud type is probably:
The name given to a towering cloud that has NOT fully developed into a thunderstorm is:
cumulus congestus