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On an upper-level chart the wind tends to blow

parallel to the isobars or contours

A ridge on an upper-level isobaric chart indicates

higher than average heights

On an isobaric weather chart, the spacing of the height contours indicates the magnitude of the pressure gradient force.


Newton's first law states that "an object at rest ___ as long as no force is exerted on the object."

will remain at rest

During a reversible adiabatic process, the pressure gradient force is parallel to the isobars


The Coriolis force is the force that causes the wind to blow.


The hydrostatic equation describes the equilibrium between the:

vertical pressure gradient force and gravity

Why is there a minus sign in the hydrostatic equation? (The hydrostatic equation is.)

as pressure decreases, height increases

The fundamental laws of motion were formulated by:

Sir Isaac Newton

The "force exerted on an object equals its mass times the acceleration produced" is a description of:

Newtons Second Law

Which of the following forces does not have a direct effect on horizontal wind motions?

gravitational force

Which of the following can influence wind direction?

coriolis force, pressure gradient, and centripetal force (all of these)

Which of the following forces CANNOT act to change the speed of the wind?

Coriolis force

The net force on air moving in a circle at constant speed is

inward toward the center of rotation

The amount of pressure change that occurs over a given horizontal distance is called the:

pressure gradient

Which of the statements below is NOT correct concerning the pressure gradient force?

it is non-existent at the equator

The pressure gradient force is directed from higher pressure toward lower pressure:

at all places on earth

The force that would cause a stationary parcel of air to begin to move horizontally is called the

pressure gradient force

Which of the following produces the strongest Coriolis force?

fast winds, high latitude

The ____ is an apparent force created by the earth's rotation

Coriolis force

The rate of the earth's rotation determines the strength of the

Coriolis force

The Coriolis force is the result of:

rotating earth

Which statement below is NOT correct concerning the Coriolis force

it causes the winds to blow faster

If the earth stopped rotating which of the following would NOT be true?

there would still be a Coriolis force

A wind blowing at a constant speed parallel to straight line isobars with the pressure gradient force (PGF) and the Coriolis force in balance is called a:

geostrophic wind

The net force acting on air which is blowing parallel to straight contours at constant speed is

to the right of the winds motion in the northern hemisphere

Suppose that the winds aloft are geostrophic and blowing from the north. Low pressure is located to the


Suppose that the winds aloft are geostrophic and blowing from the north. With the same orientation of isobars at the surface, the winds would blow from the:


The winds aloft in the middle latitudes would not blow from the west if

the air over high latitudes became warmer than over the equator

If in the Northern Hemisphere the upper level winds above you are blowing from the south, then it is a good bet that a trough of low pressure is to the

west of you

When the wind blows in a more or less west to east direction, the wind flow pattern is called:


A wind that blows at a constant speed parallel to curved isobars or contour lines is called a:

geostrophic wind

If directly above you at 10,000 feet the wind is blowing from the south, then it is a good bet that at 10,000 feet, the center of lowest pressure is left of you, while the center of highest pressure is ___ of you


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