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Clouds and precipitation are frequently found on the downwind side of a large lake. This would indicate that the air on the downwind side is

converging and rising

During the summer along the coast, a sea breeze is usually strongest and best developed:

in the afternoon

Monsoon depressions are

low pressure areas that enhance rainfall during the summer monsoon.

The summer monsoon in eastern and southern Asia is characterized by:

wet weather and winds blowing from sea to land

An extremely strong downslope wind that occurs in parts of Antarctica would be considered a:

katabatic wind

The winter monsoon in eastern and southern Asia is characterized by

dry weather and winds blowing from land to sea

Low pressure becomes best developed over the Asian continent in


While fly fishing in a mountain stream, you notice that the wind is blowing upstream. From this you could deduce that the wind is a:

valley breeze

Cumulus clouds that appear above isolated mountain peaks are often the result of:

valley breezes

A valley breeze would develop its maximum strength

in early afternoon

A strong, usually cold, downslope wind is called a

katabatic wind

A katabatic wind on the Oregon coast would most likely blow from the:

east to west downslope

A katabatic wind is a ___ wind

cold, downslope

A chinook wind in the Alps is called a:


The heat from a chinook wind is generated mainly by:

compressional heating

A chinook wall cloud is a:

bank of clouds forming over the mountains

On the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains, chinook winds are driest when:

clouds form and precipitation falls on the upwind side of the mountains

Chinook winds are

warm, dry winds that descend the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountain

The main reason Santa Ana winds are warm is because:

sinking air warms by compression.

Santa Ana winds warm by ___ as the flow down an elevated desert plateau.


The Santa Ana wind is a ___ wind that blows into southern California.

warm, dry

Strong Santa Ana winds develop in Los Angeles during the fall when a ___pressure center forms to the

high; northeast of Los Angeles over the Great Basin

A warm, dry gusty wind that blows across North Africa is the:


Which of the following conditions favor the development of dust devils

hot, dry days

Another name for a small, rotating whirlwind observed at the surface is:

dust devil

A dust or sandstorm that forms along the leading edge of a thunderstorm is a


A northeaster along the east coast of the United States is best developed when a low pressure area:

enhances the surrounding pressure gradient

A sea breeze is most likely to develop along a coastline when

large temperature differences exist between land and water

Which of the following is a serious hazard to aircraft

clear-air turbulence

Good hang-gliding conditions require:

strong winds

Strong winds blowing over vegetation results in:

brush fires

If the wind speed doubles, the force exerted by the wind increases by a factor of


The land/sea breeze, lake breeze, and mountain/valley breeze are examples of:

ocal winds

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