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Met1010 Test 2 334-366

seiche can be caused by:
strong winds and sudden changes in atmospheric pressure or by earthquakes
A westerly wind means that the atmosphere:
is moving faster than the earth spins
Which below is NOT an assumption of the single-cell model of the general circulation of the atmosphere?
the earth rotates once in 24 hours
The large thermally driven convection cell that is driven by convective "hot" towers along the equator is the
Hadley cell
Air moving eastward more slowly than the earth rotates, would appear to be ___ wind to an observer on the earth.
an east
Chicago, Illinois (latitude 42°N) is located in the
The intertropical convergence zone (ITCZ) is a region where:
northeast trades meet the southeast trades
In terms of the three-cell model of the general circulation, areas of surface low pressure should be found at:
the equator and 60 degree latitude
In Honolulu, Hawaii (latitude 2°N), you would most likely experience winds blowing from the:
At Barrow, Alaska (latitude 70°N), you would expect the prevailing wind to be
Generally, along the polar front, one would not expect to observe:
sinking air aloft
According to the three-cell general circulation model, at the equator we would not expect to find:
a ridge of high pressure
The wind belt observed on the poleward side of the polar front is called the
polar easterlies
On a weather map of the Northern Hemisphere, one would observe the westerlies
between the subpolar lows and the subtropical highs
The majority of the United States lies within which wind belt
On a weather map of the Northern Hemisphere, the trade winds would be observed:
south of the subtropical highs
In the general circulation of the atmosphere, one would find the region called the doldrums:
at the equator
In terms of the three-cell general circulation model, the driest regions of the earth should be near:
30 degrees latitude and the polar regions.
The world's deserts are found at 30° latitude because
of the sinking air of the subtropical highs
On a surface weather map during the month of July, one would expect to find what type of pressure system over the desert southwest of the United States?
thermal low
The semi-permanent pressure systems associated with the polar front are called:
subpolar lows
Which of the following is not considered a semi-permanent high or low pressure area?
Siberian high
The position of the Pacific high over the North Pacific Ocean shifts ___ in winter and ___ in summer.
southward; northward
The large semi-permanent surface anticyclone that is normally positioned over the ocean, west of California, is called the:
Pacific high
A thermally direct cell is one that:
is driven by energy from the sun
Many small-scale processes are ___ in General Circulation Models.
approximated and parameterized
Which of the following does NOT describe the subtropical jet stream?
forms along the polar front
Which below does NOT describe the polar front jet stream
is normally found at a higher elevation than the subtropical jet
In the Northern Hemisphere, the polar jet stream is strongest when:
air north of the polar front is much colder than air south of the polar front.
The jet stream flows:
in a wavy pattern from west to east
As an air parcel aloft moves northward from the equator, it moves closer to the earth's axis of rotation. Because of the conservation of angular momentum, the air parcel's motion should:
increase in speed
In the Northern Hemisphere, air found to the north of the polar front is cold, while air further south is
The average winds aloft are strongest in: