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Italicized words in chapter 1 section 2


a procedure that is carried out according to certain guidelines; used to test a hypothesis


how close a measurement is to the true value of the thing being measured


the exactness of the measurement


an expression of the amount of imprecision or variation in a set of measurements


a description, representation, or imitation of an object, process, system or concept; they can be rendered mathematically, graphically, physically and computer

scientific law

a general statement that describes how the natural world behaves under certain conditions

scientific methods

organized and logical approach to scientific problem solving.


group that serves as a standard for comparison with another group

controlled experiment

an experiment that contains a control

International System of Units (SI)

common system of measurement for length, mass, temperature and volume. Base 10 system.

confidence interval

the range of values for a set of percentage of measurements.


life, living


vapor, steam; air, gas; respiration


related to water


ancient, old or prehistoric

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