50 terms

popular music and record industry 1

who wrote and performed American Pie
Don Mclean
How many takes did American Pie take to perfect
In what year was American Pie recorded
Who is Lonnie Donegan
skiffle artist! from england
type of music with jass and blues influence usually produced with homemade and/or household instruments
First person in the US to make his living as a full time professional song writer
Steven Foster (oh susanna)
American popular culture has been closely bound up with....
%0's pop icon who was touring with buddy holly but refused to ride in an airplane that ended up crashing and killing everyone
Dion Demucci
People who were associated with cruise-line ships that traveled between NY and Liverpool
Cunard Yanks
Who invented the phonograph
Thomas Edison
What year was the phonograph invented
Best known composer of ragtime music
Scott Joplin
Who sang "Im a loser"
John Lennon
Al Nevins and Don Kershner created this music publishing company
The company lasted 5 years and was housed in this building
BRILL Building in NYC
Recording engineer and something producer for a vast majority of records released by atlantic records in the 50s 60s and 70s
Tom Dowd
Chuck Berry recorded Maybellene. What did Frato and Freed do to get credit for the song.
Nothing at all. they should not have gotten credit
Richard Wayne Penniman's stage name...
Little Richard
This singer used techniques which looked forward to the techniques of the 1960's such a double tracking
Buddy Holly
Of 5 early rock and roll stars, this one was the only one who didnt write their own songs
Elvis Presley
First distinctively american form of popular culture
Ex brill building demo singer who released the album graceland
Paul Simon
Graceland features music from a group from
South Africa
Scene in the movie O Brother where Art Thou, THE MAN AT THE CROSSROADS
robert johnson
The family name
The carters
paying a dj to play a song
biggest promoter of rock n roll in 54 and 55. played rhythm and blues (working black music... sweaty and dancey music)
Allan Freed
John Lennons mom
Who did John Lennon grow up with
John Lennon's first rock n roll song
Rocket 88
Famous american artist who invented the scratchy guitar sound
Bo Diddley
coined the term rhythm and blues
Jerry Wrexler
range of human hearing
20 Hz - 20,000 Hz
early recordings used
no electricity or microphones
granted a patent for a flat disk gramophone thus making the production of copies practical
emile berlinger in 1887
45 RPM=
1 song/side. a single
started a microphone company in germany
georg neumnn
father of the blues. "walking in memphis
vibrations per second
800 mpr
speed of sound
molecules sitting stagnant in air. jam them up and you make a...
pressure wave
vibrations transmitted through a solid liquid or gas
gas that prefer to be evenly spaced.
Berry Gordy...
detroit, motown, blacks ran all the financial aspects, cared about performances and songs
phil spector...
phille records
2nd biggest recording artist of the 50's... behind elvis
fats domino
first real recording female start of rock and roll
connie francis
female elvis
Janis Martin
the blonde bombshell
Jo Anne Campbell
biggest selling solo artist of any period and biggest star to come from the country