GCSE Dance - Swansong

Who is the choreographer?
Christopher Bruce
Who is the lighting designer?
David Mohr
Who designed the accompaniment?
Philip Chambon
Who was the set designer?
Christopher Bruce
Who was the costume designer?
Christopher Bruce
How many sections are there?
How many dancers are there?
How many solo's are there?
What is the main type of partner work used?
Question and answer
Wha does the prisoner wear?
Red t-shirt, blue jeans and soft black jazz shoes.
What do the guards wear?
Brown khaki military style uniforms and soft black jazz shoes.
What props are used?
Chair, red nose, canes, hats and cigarettes.
Where is the light?
Shaft of light from upstage left.
What is the main dance style?
What other dance style is used?
What makes the tapping sounds?
The jazz shoes