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Roofing Styles


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Gable roof
A pitched roof characterized by squarecut ends and sides that slope down from the ridge line to the eaves. These are the most common roof style on homes and other small buildings.
Gambrel roof
A roof characterized by a single ridge line from which roof sections on both sides of the ridge descend at two different pitches. These roofs are common on barns and other farm structures.
Mansard roof
- A hipped roof which has sharp slopes on all 4 sides of a structure, with a (usually) flat roof within
- Similar to barn roof, & makes use of roof space to create another floor
Hip roof
a roof with slopes on all four sides; the hip is the external angle formed by the meeting of two roof surfaces
Saltbox roof
slanted roof with longer end on back
Pyramid roof
A roof wherein the four sides are sloping towards the center terminating at a point.
Flat roof
a roof that is flat or nearly flat relative to the horizon