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12 terms

Holá - Lekce 11 verbs [ 1 ]

dusit - udusit
to stew, to steam (imperf, perf)
to grill
krájet - nakrájet
to cut, to slice (with a knife) (imperf, perf)
lít - nalít
to pour (a liquid) (imperf, perf)
obalovat - obalit
to wrap (imperf, perf)
míchat - zamíchat
to mix (imperf, perf)
to mix using a mixer
péct - upéct
to bake (imperf, perf)
přidávat - přidat
to add (imperf, perf)
smažit - usmažit
to fry (imperf, perf)
sypat - nasypat
to pour (sugar, flour, . . .) (imperf, perf)
vařit - uvařit
to boil, to cook (imperf, perf)