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Quiz/Exam 3 Study

An increase in the apparent size of an object
The ability of a microscope to show two close objects as separate objects.
Type of microscopes are used at MTC.
Example of prokaryotic cells
Example of eukaryotic cells
Another name for the cell membrane
Plasma membrane
Which organelle contains the DNA
Where are ribosomes made?
Which type of endoplasmic reticulum contains ribosomes?
The rough endoplasmic reticulum
Which type of endoplasmic reticulum is responsible for lipid synthesis?
The smooth endoplasmic reticulum
Name the organelles that are involved in protein synthesis.
Ribosomes, rough endoplasmic reticulum (rough ER), and DNA
What is the job of the golgi apparatus?
shipping and receiving
Digestive enzymes are found in which organelle?
The job of the plasma membrane
protect the cell, selectively permeable
What do lysosomes digest?
old organelles and food nutrients
Study the parts of the cell
Define the Basement membrane
Anchors epithelial tissue to underlying tissue
Define Adipose tissue
Connective tissue that stores fat
What type of tissue is Basement membrane
epithelial tissue
What type of tissue is Adipose tissue
connective tissue
What type of tissue are Dendrites
nervous tissue
Define Dendrites
conveys nerve impulse towards the cell body
What type of tissue is Compact bone
connective tissue
Describe Compact Bone
Haversian systems; found around spongy bone
What type of tissue is Loose connective tissue
connective tissue
Describe Loose connective tissue
tissue found directly under the skin
What type of tissue is Simple or stratified
epithelial tissue
What does Simple or stratified refer to?
names for number of layers of epithelial tissue
Describe Extracellular matrix
the stuff outside the cell
What type of tissue is Extracellular matrix
ALL, Epithelial, connective, nervous, muscle
What type of tissue is Striated
Muscle tissue
Describe Striated tissue
Striped appearance on skeletal and cardiac muscle
What type of tissue is Neurotransmitter?
Nervous tissue
What does the Neurotransmitter do?
chemical that carries electrical impulse across a synapse
Axon is what type of tissue?
Nervous tissue
What does Axon do?
Conveys the nerve signal away from the cell body
What type of tissue is Action potential
Nervous tissue
What is another name for Action potential
nerve signal/nerve impulse
CNS is what type of tissue?
Nervous tissue
What does CNS stand for? What is contained in this?
Central nervous system (brain and spinal cord)
Fibrous CT is what kind of tissue?
Connective tissue
What is Fibrous CT?
Tissue that forms tendons and ligaments
What is the purpose of Intercalated discs?
In cardiac muscle helps relay each heartbeat
What type of tissue is Intercalated discs?
Muscle tissue
What type of tissue is Schwann cell?
Nervous tissue
What is the purpose of the Schwann cell?
Forms the myelin sheath around the axon
What type of tissue is Appendicular skeleton
Connective tissue
What does the Appendicular skeleton do?
Supports the arms and legs; shoulder and pelvic girdle
What type of tissue is Node of Ranvier
Nervous tissue
What is the Node of Ranvier?
Gaps between Schwann cells
What type of tissue is Squamous
Epithelial tissue
What are the Squamous tissue?
the name for flat cells in epithelial tissue
What type of tissue is Apical surface
Epithelial tissue
What is the Apical surface
Free surface on epithelial tissue
What kind of tissue is Spongy bone
connective tissue
Where is Spongy bone and what does it contain?
Center of long bones; contains red bone marrow
What kind of tissue is Voluntary?
Muscle tissue
Where is Voluntary tissue found?
Found in skeletal muscle
What type of tissue is a Neuron
Nervous tissue
What is a Neuron
Nerve cell
What is the job of Epithelial tissue
Covers and lines organs
What kind of tissue is Cartilage
Connective tissue
Where can you find Cartilage
on the ends of long bones over joint surfaces
What type of tissue is PNS?
Nervous tissue
What does PNS stand for and where is it found.
Peripheral nervous system; nervous system outside of CNS
What kind of tissue is Blood
Connective tissue
What does the CT part of the Blood contain?
plasma and RBC/WBC
What type of tissue is Periosteum
Connective tissue
What is Periosteum
Tough connective tissue covering over bone
What is a Synapse
Gap or space where neurons communicate
What type of tissue is Synapse
Nervous tissue
What are the four major categories of tissue?
Epithelial, Connective, Muscular, Nervous
Tissues are a group of cells with a common structure and what?
Tissues are named according to what two things?
the number of cell layers and the shape of the cells at the apical surface
What is the difference between a simple layer and a stratified layer?
A simple has a single layer, a stratified has multiple layers.
True or False. Epithelial tissue has one side that has a sheet of cells that is anchored to the basement membrane and the other side is an apical surface.
Mucous membrane secrete a slimy solution called what?
Mucous membranes lubricate the surface and keep it most. They are found in body systems that are open to what?
the outside, examples: the respiratory and digestive systems
The extracellular matrix consists of what in a liquid, jelly or solid form?
Connective tissues support what?
other tissues
What are the 6 types of connective tissues?
Fibrous, Loose, Adipose, Bone, Cartilage, and Blood
What is the most common connective tissue?
Describe loose ct?
The matrix has a loose weave of fibers (collagen and elastin). Mainly binding and packing and found under the skin.
Describe fibrous ct.
The matrix is densely packed parallel bundles of fibers, and maximizes strength, and forms tendons and ligaments.
What is a tendon?
It attaches muscle to bone.
What is a ligament?
It attaches bone to bone.
Describe Adipose ct
it stores fat in closely packed cells with sparse matrix of fibers, it insulates the body and stores fat
Describe cartilage ct
the matrix consists of tons of collagen fibers embedded in a rubbery substance. It forms a strong but flexible skeletal material. It surrounds the ends of bones to create a shock absorbing surface. Supports the nose and ears and form cushioning discs between the vertebrae
Describe bone ct
it is a rigid ct and the matrix of collagen fibers embed in calcium salts which makes them hard but not brittle
Describe blood ct
the matrix is a liquid called plasma which consists of water, salts and dissolved proteins. Red and white blood cells are suspended in the plasma. It functions in transporting substances and in immunity
What are the 3 types of muscular tissue?
Skeletal, Cardiac, and Smooth