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Benthic Animals

Animals that don't swim but scurry, crawl, hop, scoot, burrow or slither across the bottom of a body of water.

Sessile Animals

Sea animals that stick themselves to one place and don't move such as sponges and corals.


Two kinds- phytoplankton and zooplankton. Creatures that drift in the sea.


A lot like plants, use the sun to make food.


Eat to get food, often eating phytoplankton. Weak swimmers so they drift on the current. The lion's mane jellyfish is an example of a large one.

Filter Feeders

Animals that clean up the oceans and rivers of the world by eating the microscopic creatures and debris that float about in the water. "Cleaning Crew"

Surface Currents

Currents that form on the surface of the ocean. Mainly formed by winds.


Circular patters formed by surface currents

Thermohaline Currents

Currents caused by heat or salt

Ocean's Tide

Water that is either moving closer to the shore or farther away. High tide is when the water is closer, low tide is when it is further away.

Spring Tide

During a new moon or full moon the high tide is higher than usual and the low tide is lower than usual. Caused by the sun working with the moon to pull on the oceans.

Neap Tide

When the sun's gravity works against the moon's gravity causing the high tides to be lower and the low tides to be higher.

Four Oceans of the World

Pacific, Atlantic, Indian and Arctic


Smaller than oceans but made up of salt water because they are connected to oceans.


Place where a river meets with an ocean.


A term that describes where river water meets the ocean and gets salty.

Continental Shelf

Part of the continent that is under water

Continental Slope

The drop off at the end of the continental shelf.

Continental Rise

The gentle slope at the very end of the continental slope, it's not as steep.

Abyssal Plain

The ocean floor

Sunlit Zone

Part of the ocean that is well-lit by the sun

Twilight Zone

Fairly dark part of the ocean under the sunlit zone where fewer animals live

Midnight Zone

Deepest, darkest part of the ocean where no sunlight reaches.


The ability of sea creatures in the midnight zone to make their own light.


Ships designed to go deep into the ocean.

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