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Accounting 113

Adapter Card

Card which plugs into a slot on the motherboard

Antivirus Program

A program that finds and eliminates computer viruses


A computer program that provides a particular set of system or business related function

Ascending Sort Order

Arrangement that places items in first-to-last or lowest-to highest order, such as from A to Z.

Auto Shapes

Group of ready-made shapes that are grouped by category: lines, connectors, basic shapes, block arrows, flowchart symbolos, stars and banners, callouts.


A copy of a file or set of files

Bit (Binary Digit)

A single on / off position in a digital number, and the minimum unit of data


Type of graphic filee that is composed of series of small dots. Photographs are bitmaps files.


Item or lacation in a document that you name so you can refer to it later.


Starting up the computer and initating the operating system


8 bits of data, usually a single character


Amount of data that can be stored, measured in megabytes or gigabytes


Label that indenifies a part of a document.


Intersection of row or column in a table or aon a spreadsheet

Clip Art

Pre-drawn pictures to add to documents


A section of computer memory used to temporarily hold data that has been cut of copied for transfer to another document of location within a document


Text written in a programming language to create a macro or other computer program.

Cursor Symobol

Symbol marking where text will appear when you type


A program to manage and manipulate list such as addresses and phone list. (Access)


Look for and remove errors in a program


The original setting; what will happen if you don't change anything


Remover selected object (not saved anywhere)

Descending Sort Order

Arrangement that places items in last-to-first order

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Programs which gives precise control of where and how text and graphics appear on the page. (Publisher)


Transfer a file to your computer from elsewhere on a nework or the internet

Drawing Objects

Shapes, such as squares, circles, stars, banners, arrows, that you can draw and modify in Word


Something saved on the computer-a document or program


A grouping of files


Typeface for charachter set, and associated with size and style


Text at the bottom of a page, that is repeated throughout the document

Format (Document)

Arranges the appearance of the document by selecting the typeface, font size, spacing of lineds and words, etc.


Pictures and charts

Hard Copy

Document or file printed on paper


The physical parts of the computer


Area at the top of a page that is repeated on every page of the document


A small graphic which when clicked runs a program, executes a command or opens a document


Everything you tell the computer

Input Devices

Devices used to give the computer data or commands. (keyboard, mouse, touch screen)


Add text at location without overwriting existing text


Input device with keys for letters of the alphabet, numbers, and various symbols


1024 bytes historically, though often used to represt ofne thousand (1,000) bytes

LAN (Local Area Network)

Computers connected together in a single location


Arrangement of text and graphics

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)

Screen type used in laptops and for flat panel monitors


To create a relationship between the data in a destination file and its source file so that when the data is changed in one file, the other file is updated automatically

Megabyte (MB)

1024 kilobytes historically. For data storage devicee and telecommmunication a megabyte is one million (1,000,000)

Megahertz (MHz)

1 million cycles per second


A list of available commands which may contain other commands as a submenu


Main ciruit board of the computer

Nanosecond (Ns)

1 billionth of a second, Used to measure memory speed


Putting directories or folders insidee other directories or folders


A set of computers which are linked together on a permanent basis


Each device connected to a network


One dot on a screen


Pages per miniutesl. Measured printer speed


The set of print jobs waiting to be done

San Serif

Font characteristic


Font characteristic in which the font has decorative lines projecting from the characters

Shut Down

Close all Programs and turn off computer

Soft Copy

Displayed on screen or by other non-permanent means


Program for handling numer


Set of formatting instructions applied to text


A set of rows and columns

Text Box

Free-floating rectangle that contains text


Monitor screen that reacts to being touched by finger


Veritcal case for a person computer


Reverses whatever change you just made


Transfer a file from your computer to another

URL (Universal Serial Bus)

Combination of letters, number, and symbols that make up the address of a site on the World Wide Web.

USB Universal Serial Bus)

A connection that can be used by a wide range of devices


A program that performs tasks related to the maintaining of your computers health


t your consent. May be harmless but annoying or may be highly damaging

White Space

Unused space in a page layout that provides the neccessary contras for text and graphics


What you see is that you get, displaying results on the monitor as they will appear when printed

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