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Folk tale

An anonymous, timeless, and placeless story that was originally told rather than unwritten


Invented stories with imaginary characters and events


Information sources such as encyclopedias, yearbooks, dictonaries, and atlases

Science Fiction

Imaginative, fictional stories involving actual or projected science phenomena

Realistic Fiction

A fictional story with characters who take part in activities that could have really happened


A fictional story with characters who try to solve a crime or an unexplained event


A story for stage performed by actors


A person's life story written by another person

Historical Fiction

A fictional story set in the past with characters who take part in actual historical events and interact with people from the past


True stories of actual events or people


Words arranged in a metrical pattern, often using rhymed verse in an imaginative style


A person's life story written by himself or herself

Fantasy/Fairy Tale

A fictional story set in make-believe worlds often with non-human characters


A brief story with animal characters, that teaches a lesson, or moral


A widely told story about the past and may or may not have a foundation in fact


A fictional story that explains the actions of gods or heroes or the origins of elements of nature

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