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The Progressive Movement Chapter 9 (1900-1920). Part one/section one of Chapter 9 Vocab.

Wisconsin Idea

The collective ideas of Robert M. Lafollette, governor of Wisconsin, that became the basis of the Progressive Movement.

Income Tax

The 16th Amendment allowed for the collection of taxes on personal and corporate income (Progressive tax).


The protection and preservation f natural resources, begun by the Federal Government by Theodore Roosevelt.


A broad agreement on an issue.

Workman's Compensation

Payment made to employees if they got injured on the job.

City Commission

Officials elected by the people that control the finances of the city. They Hire a city manager.

City Manager

A professional manager hired by the city commission to handle the day to day operations of the city.


Allowed people to propose a bill to the state government.


Allows voters to accpet or reject an initiative.


Allowed voters to remove elected officials by having another election.

Primary System

Allowed the voters of the political parties to elect the candidates to represent them in the general election.

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