World History Test # 3

As a result of early Tang rule
Buddhist influence helped to produce a blossoming of Chinese culture.
In the Chinese civil service examination system
In comparision to other civilizations, the process provided a means for upward social mobility.
With the increase in trade and urban activities during the Tang and Song eras
A landed gentry class assumed a position of social and economic dominance.
Which of the following was true about the power of the Mongols?
They achieved more success in China than it did in the rest of East Asia.
All of the following were true about medieval Chinese life except
Most people had developed life styles that were far removed from agriculture.
All of the following are correct about the Ming dynasty except
There were no contacts with Vietnam or Korea
During the Han dynasty, chinese literature was stimulated by the invention of
In reaction to the Tang infiltration into the Korean Peninsula
Shotoku Taishi made contacts with Tang rulers in order to adopt Chinese governing methods
This so called "seventeen-article constitution" involved
A centralized government under a supreme ruler and a merit system
The new class of Japanese military officials and retainers whose purpose was to protect their patrons and their property was the
Known as "the way of the warrior" the strict code of the Japanese retainer was called
The essence of the "shogunate system" was that
governmental power became centralized under shogun, while the emperor ruled in name only.
The Japanese word that refers to the "divine wind" of the massive typhoon that destroyed the invading Mongol fleet of Khubilai Khan is
Was more influenced by Chinese ideas and practices than any other East Asian society
Charlemagne's Carolingian Empire accomplished all of the following except
It restored an urban economy based upon the use of money
Monasticism in medieval Europe
Included women, many of whom belonged to royal families
Which of the following was not true about medieval towns and cities
They were food-producing, self sufficient units in which commerce was secondary.
The medieval university
Was originally an educational association of students or scholars, as at Bologna.
The fourth crusade resulted in
fall in constantinople
Justinian's most lasting accomplishment was
The corpus Iuris Civilis
Outlawed the use of icons in the Byzantine Empire
In the aftermath of the fourth crusade, the major state of the former Byzantine Empire was the
Latin Empire of Constantinople
As a result of the Black Death
There was an increase in Anti-Semitism
As a result of the Black Death
Social unrest increased
Which are failed to establish a centralized territorial state by the end of the 15th century