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quality and performance improvement in healthcare

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most performance improvement models are cyclical in nature
Quality and performance monitoring is a data-driven process?
A quantitative tool that provides and indicator of an organization's performance in relation to a specified process or outcomes is/an ?
Performance measure
A standard of performance or best practice for a particular process or outcomes is called a/an ?
The foundations of care giving, which include buildings, equipment, professional staff and appropriate policies are included in what area of performance measurement?
The interrelated activities in healthcare organizations, which promote effective and safe patient outcomes across services and disciplines within an integrated enviroment, are included in what area of performance measurement?
The final results of care, treatment and services in terms of the patient's expectation, needs and quality of life, which may be positive and appropriate or negative and diminishing are included in what area of performance measurement?
This type of performance measure focuses on the process that leads to a certain outcome meaning that a scientific or experimental basis exist for believing that the process, when executed well, will increase the probability of achieving a desired outcome
Process measure
This type of performance measure indicates the result of the performance or non-performance of a function or process
Outcome measure
The systematic comparison of the products, services, and outcomes of one organizartion with those of similar organization is called/
An unexpected occurrence involving death or serious physical or psychological injury, or risk thereof is called?
Sentinel event
An idea- generation technique in which a team leader solicits creative input from team members is called?
A graphic tool used to organize and prioritize ideas after a brainstorming session is called?
Affinity diagram
A QI technique that allows groups to narrow the focus of discussion or to make decisions without becoming involved in extended circular discussion is called?
Nominal group technique
a type of PI team that constructs relatively simple and quick ''fixes'' to improve work process without going through the complete PI cycle is called?
Blitz team
A PI team that involves staff from a single department or services area is called?
Functional team
A PI team that involves staff from more than one department, services area or discipline is called
Cross-functional team
A PI team role responsible for championing the effectiveness of the PI activities in meeting customer's needs and for the content of a team's work is the ?
Team leader
A PI team responsible for participating in team activities identifying opportunities for improvement gathering and analyzing data sharing knowledge, and planning improvements is called?
Team member
A PI team role responsible for maintaining the records of the team's work during meeting, including any documention required by the organization is the
A PI team role primarily responsible for ensuring that an effective performance improvement process occurs by serving as advisor and consultant to the PI team; remaining neutral, nonvoting member; suggesting alternative Pi methods and techniques to keep the team on target and moving forward; maintaining group dynamics; acting as coach and motivator for the team; assisting in consensus building when necessary; and reconizing team and individual achievement is the ?
team facilitator
A document that explains the issues the team was implemented to improve, describes the goals and objectives and desired end state (vision) and list the initial members of the team and their respective department is called?
Team charter
A broad statement describing what a healthcare organization does; or a statement of the goals and purpose of a performance improvement initiatives is called?
Team mission
A description of the ideal end state or decription of the best way a process should function is called/
Team vision
This data collection tool is used when one needs to gather data on sample observations in order to detect patterns
Check sheet
This type of data is also called categorical data and includes values assigned to name-specific categories?
Nominal data
This type of data is also called ranked data and expresses the comparative evaluation of various characteristics or entities, and relative assignment of each, to a class according to a set of criteria?
Ordinal data
this type of data are numerical values that represent whole numbers
Discrete data
this type of data assumes an infinitive number of possible values in measurements that have decimal values as possibilities?
continuous data
this type of data display tool is used to display discrete categories ?
Bar graph
This type of data display tool used to display data proportionally. They are used to identify problems or changes in a system or process?
the written record of a key event in a formal meeting is called?
A graphic display tool used to communicate the details of performance improvement activities is called?
PI team should report on their progress and activities to the organization's PI and Patient Safety Council at least?
A research instruments that is used to gather data and information from respondents in a uniform manner through the administtration of a predefined and structured set of questions and possible responses is called?
The totally of healthcare services provided to a patient and their family in all setting, from the least extensive to the most extenssive is called?
continuum of care
The principal process by which organizations optimize the continnum of care for their patient is?
Case management
In this case management step, the case manager confirms that the patient meets criteria for the care setting and that the services can be provided at the facility?
Care planning at the time of admission
Monitoring the patient throughout the entire episode of care is considered this case management steps?
Review the process of care
Follow-up on patient after discharge to ensure that the transition has gone smoothly and the patient is receiving all of the services required is considered this case management step?
Post discharge planning
A performance measure that enables healthcare organizations to monitor a process to determine whether it is meeting process requirements is called?
A project management tool used to schedule important activities is called a?
Gantt chart