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Exercise #21

Cervical Nerves: C1-C8

Thoracic Nerves: T1-T12

Lumbar Nerves: L1-L5

Sacral Nerves: S1-S4

Coccygeal Nerve

the lowest pair of spinal nerves

Meissner corpuscles

Touch receptors in skin. Discriminative

Pacinian corpuscles

pressure receptors. Discriminative


changed or adjusted to be suitable. I.e cannot feel toes when not thinking about them.

Dorsal root

sensory (afferent) fibers entering the grey matter of the spinal cord


collection of nerve cell bodies in the peripheral nervous system

Ventral root

motor (efferent) fibers exiting the gray matter of the spinal cord

pseudounipolar neuron

neuron with continuous dendrite and axon, with cell body off to one side

Non encapsulated receptors

Free nerve endings, pain and temperature nerves have this (non discriminative)

Lower motor neurons

located in PNS, cell bodies are located in spinal cord and their nerve fibers extend to and make direct contact with muscles

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