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Two Types of Photoreceptors



highly sensitive to minimal light, allows us to see at night (shapes and movement)
rhodopsin split into opsin and retinene in photon of light....opsin and retinene turn ATP into ADP and combine back to make rhodopsin


triggers nerve impulse


visual yellow, vit a is required to make


contain rhodopsin


a reddish purple pigament

Ghost images

in bright light, rhodopsin is broken down faster than it can be remanufactured (look at light, close eyes, still there..rods)


receptors for color and visual acuity (sharp vision)
highest concentration in the
macula lutea
fovea centralis
*Cones contain three types of photopigaments that require bright light for breakdown (these are yet unidentified)

Normal Population Breakdown

green cones
blue cones
red ones
*white light results in all of the cones firing

green cones


blue cones


red cones


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