33 terms

Art Flash Cards

straight, curved, zigzag, dashed, dotted
Name several kinds of lines.
red, yellow, blue
What are the primary colors?
green, orange, purple
What are the secondary colors?
Mix 2 primary colors.
How do you make a secondary color?
Mix a primary color with a secondary color.
How do you make an intermediate color?
Adding white to any color makes a tint or lighter color.
What is a tint?
Adding black to any color makes a shade or darker color.
What is a shade?
Intermediate colors
Red-violet and blue green are from what color family?
red, yellow, orange
What are the warm colors?
blue, green, purple
What are the cool colors?
A shape that is irregular.
What is a freeform shape?
line directions.
Vertical, horizontal, and diagonal are....
geometric shapes.
Squares, circles, and triangles are....
A line that goes across the page from left to right is..................
A line that goes across the page from top to bottom is..............
A line that goes across the pages from corner to corner is .............
color wheel
A ___________is a plan for organizing colors.
____________is the lightness or darkness of a color.
Black, brown, gray are ___________colors.
a 3 dimensional shape.
A form is _______________________.
When part of an object hides behind another object.
What is overlapping?
height, width, depth
When an object is 3D, what 3 things does it have?
What is the part of the picture closest to the viewer?
What is the part of the picture farthest from the viewer?
When objects in an artwork appear close and far away, it means the artwork has ___________.
______________is when a decoration is repeated.
How something feels.
What is texture?
when an artist creates an object that looks the way it would feel.
What is visual texture?
rough, bumpy, smooth, hard, soft, sticky....
Name some texture words.
Artists use this principle when organizing their work when relating to the size of one part to another.
What do we call it when a part of the artwork stands out?
same on both sides
What does symmetrical mean?
An artwork has a lot of different things or elements.
What is variety in an artwork?