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Chapter 24 The Ford and Carter Years


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Gerald R. Ford
38th President. 1974-1977 (Republican) Nixon's vice president after Agnew resigned; became President after Nixon resigned, he pardoned Nixon for all federal crimes that he "committed or may have committed."
Whip Inflation Now: Ford's attempt at improving the economy. It failed
Jimmy Carter
39th U.S. President. 1977-1981. (Democratic) He secured energy programs, set the framework for Egypt-Israel treaty, and sought to base foreign policy on human rights.
National Energy Act
a law, enacted during the Carter admin., that established a tax on "gas-guzzling" automobiles, removed price controls on U.S. oil and natural gas, and provided tax credits for the development of alternative energy.
human rights
the basic rights to which all people are entitled as human beings; focus of Carter foreign policy
Camp David Accords
peace treaty President Carter achieved between Egypt and Israel
Ayatollah Khomeini
Shi'ite philosopher and cleric who led the overthrow of the shah of Iran in 1979 and created an Islamic republic. (p. 859)