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Chapter 25 A Conservative Movement Emerges


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Ronald Reagan
40th president from 1981-1989. (Republican) Tearing down of the Berlin Wall and Ending the Cold War after spending millions of dollars on arms. Iran-Contra Affair.
entitlement program
Mandatory payments made by the federal government to people meeting eligibility requirements, such as Social Security, vets, welfare, medicare
New Right
a late-20th-century alliance of conservative special-interest groups concerned with cultural, social, and moral issues
reverse discrimination
The assertion that affirmative action programs that require preferential treatment for minorities discriminate against those who have no minority status.
conservative coalition
an alliance of business leaders, middle-class voters, disaffected Democrats, and fundamentalist Christian groups
Moral Majority
a political organization founded by Rev. Jerry Falwell, an evangelical minister who preached with great success agaisnt sexual permissiveness, abortion, feminism, and the spread of gay rights
George H.W. Bush
Republican (1989-1993) Beat Dukakis is 1988. President During Operation Desert Storm. "Read my lips, no new taxes." Went against his no-taxes promise. Economy hurt him while running for reelection in 1992.