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History 112 Chs 23-27 (part2)

Chapter 23, 24, 25, 26, 27
Although Germany was subjected to many crippling provisions of the Treaty of Versailles, the most dangerous were the punitive reparations. according to the eminent British economist_________
John Maynard Keynes
What were the mandates of the Treaty of Versailles?
Territories in the Middle East and former German colonies were to be administered by France and Great Britain.
One of the long-lasting results of World War I was the increasingly sour and suspicious relationship that developed between___
Russia and western Europe.
Many in Europe recognized that the end of the war had brought about " a new and unfamiliar world," but one knew the form this new world was going to take. As Tomas Masaryk stated, "Postwar Europe was_____
a laboratory atop a graveyard.
The Bolsheviks won the civil war due in no small measure to the hierarchical, disciplined military machine of 5 million men created by the new commissar of war______
Leo Trotsky
To what does the term gulag refer?
forced-labor campus populated by political prisoners of Stalin's government
Fascism, as a political from of government developed in Europe in the 1920s and 1930s____
rested on the principles of Statism, nationalism, militarism , and an economy that fully supports the governments while remaining free
As a result of the economic innovations instituted by Mussolini during the 1920s, Italy's plight during the Great Depression was______
no different than any other country in Europe country during the 1930s
One resin for the increase in support for the National Socialist Party in Germany in elections in the early 1930s was the work of the party's propagandist_____
Joseph Goebbels
Who was/were the SA?
the paramilitary arm of the Nazi party, which engaged in intimidating acts of public violence
According to Joseph Goebbels in his pamphlet "Why Are We Enemies of the Jews," the Nazi party was founded on the twin hatred of Jews and _____
In Nazi Germany's attempt to blur class distinctions in order to infuse a new national spirit in all Germans, they created many organizations such as the ____ for young boys.
Hitler Youth
During the 1920s, the British government, under the leadership of the Conservative party, pursued a policy of "deflation" in an attempt to ____
regain its position as the leading industrial and financial power in the world.
Although the collapse of prices on the New York Stock Exchange in October 1929 cause severe problems in the Unites States, it had immediate and disastrous consequences in Europe because_____
the United States had become a primary international creditor during World War I
The changes in culture in the time between the two world wars affected____
the static art, architecture, music, literature
The poet____ presented a philosophy in his poetry that bordered on despair-life is a living death, to be endured as boredom and frustration
T.S. Eliot
Artists of the postwar period pushed connections to new limits. Some, such as the _____, went so far as to reject the existence of reason.
With the Great Depression came a wave of politicized literature in the 1920s best exemplified by____
the Grapes of Wrath
Fritz Lang, one of the greatest German film directors, is known for his film M and_____
One of the greets German film directors,_______, left Germany in 1933 for the United States rather than work for the Nazis.
Fritz Lang
What film Leni Riefenstahl was a visual hymn to the cultural power of the Nazi regime?
Triumph of the Will
Several consequences of the Great Depression of the 1920s led to the Second World War. Among these was_____
an intensification of economic nationalism
How did Neville Chamberlain presume that the Munich agreement would satisfy Hitler's ambitions?
by allowing Hitler to unify all ethnic Germans in one state
How did Stalin respond to the settlement at Munich?
by signing a nonaggression pact with Nazi Germany
When the war in the West finally did begin in 1940, the Germans nearly destroyer the combined British and French armies, but a great number of the British and French soldiers escaped in a massive evacuation from_____
The Soviet Union and Britain invaded a neutral country,______, in 1941 to prevent Germany from seizing a valuable war resource.
The strategy employed by the Allies in the Pacific com pain consisted of attacking strategic Japanese bases while bypassing some units of the Japanese army and navy, and it was referred to as____
"Island hopping"
Although all go western Europe had fallen to German arms by the sumer of 1941, Hitler's ultimate goal lay to the east where he next attacked under the code name "Operation_____"
"Operation Barbarossa"
Soon after comping to power, the Nazis adopted a policy of Rassenkampf, which dealt with______
racial policies to keep German blood pure
Which of the following was first major effort by the Nazis to "cleanse" conquered territories of "undesirable" populations?
the use of Einsatzgruppen in eastern Europe to "pacify" conquered areas by massacring the Jewish and Gypsy populations of entire towns and regions