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The Gestalt protest against Wundt's system focues on his
Gestalt psychologists believed that
there is more to perception than meets the eye
For Mach, sensations are
independent of elements of which they are composed
In what way was the phi phenomenon a challenge to Wundt's system?
It could not be reduced to its basic elements
Concurrent with the rise of Gestalt psychology, the Zeitgeist in physics was embracing
field theory
The connection between certain aspects of Gestalt psychology and principles and terms of physics reflects
Kohler's training in physics
The Gestalt principles of organization
are present in the stimuli themselves
Wertheimer suggested that brain activity is
a configural whole process
It is known that before an eye movement or a finger movement occurs, it is possible to record altered activity in a specific cerebral cortex area. The Gestaltics would argue that this is support for the priniciple of
According to Lewin, life space
corresponds to all the events that can influence a person's behavior
According to Freud, the "third shock" to the collective human ego was the realization
that humans are not the rational commander of their lives
A basic difference between psychoanalysis and the other systems of psychology was taht
other systems ahd an academic background and a focus on a pure science
The notion of the pleasure principle was borrowed by Freud from
The spirit of mechanism in relation to the treatment of mental illness portrayed mentally ill persons as
morally needing to be repaired
a major theme of Freuds's system, borrowed fro darwin, was the
importance of the sex drive throughout life
the concept of childhood sexuality can be traced to
aristotle, romaines, darwin, and patze
the attitude toward sex in teh vienna of teh victorian era was
permissive and open
freud's early research was in
biology and physiology
in the case of anna o., the recollections she revealed while under hypnosis involved
ideas or experiences she found disgusting
the beginning of psychoanalysis is considered to be indicated by teh publication of
studies on hysteria
freud proposed that neurotic behavior did not develop in persons who
lead a normal sex life
in 1909, freud
recieved an honorary doctorate certificate from clark university
according to freud in his first lecture at clark univeristy, psychoanalysis originated with
is an unconscious inability to bring into conscious awareness memories that are too shameful or painful to be faced
freud conceived of instinkts as
unique to animals
according to freud, the biological, need-related part of everyone's personality is the
just as with wundt's experimental psychology, within...... years of its founding, freud's system was splintering
teh ego psychologists amended freud's original position by emphasizing that the
ego can carry out some functions independently of the id
anna freud's most important revision of orthodox psychoanalysis was to
clarify the defense mechanisms
which branch of psychoanalysis did anna freud foudn
ego psychology