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HIT Chapter 2 Review Quiz

HIT Chapter 2 Review Quiz
which of the following is a secondary purpose of the health record?
To generate a report to be used in performance improvement
Which of the following is an institutional user of the health record?
Goverment policy maker
How do patient care managers & support staff use the data documented in the health record
To evaluate the performance of individual patient care providers & to determine the effectiveness of the services provided
Which of the definitions below best describes the concept of confidentiality?
The expectation that personal information shared by an individual with a healthcare provider during the course of care will be used only for its intended purposes.
Which of the following statements does not pertain to paper-based health records?
They have a built-in access control mechanism
Which of the following is an advantage offered by computer-based clinical decision support tools?
They give physicans instant access to pharmaceutical formularlies, referral databases, & reference literature.
They review structured electronic data & alert practitioners to out-of-range lab values or dangerous trends.
They recall relevant diagnostic criteria & treatment options on the basis of data in the health record & thus support physicians as they consider diagnostic & treatment alternatives
The hospital where I work is transitioning to the EHR. In the meantime, we have part of the health record electronic & part is still paper. This concept is known as?
Hybrid record
Critique this statement. Data & information means the same thing.
This is a false statement as data is raw facts & figures & information is data converted into a meaningful format.
Which of the following statements does not pertain to EHR's?
EHR's are filed in paper folders.
Which of the following is a secondary purpose of the health record?
Support for research
Use of the health record by a clinician to facilitate quality patient care is considered?
Primary purpose of the health record
Use of the health records to monitor bioterrorism activity is considered?
A secondary purpose of the health record
How do accreditation organizations use the health record?
To determine whether standards of care are being met
How do research organizations use the health record?
To examine results of experimental protocols
Attorneys for healthcare organizations use the health record to?
protect the legal intersts of the facility & its healthcare providers
Our record has all of the lab filed together, all of the progress note filed together, & so on. What format are we using?
Source oriented health record
Inaccurate data recorded in the health record could?
*Compromise quality patient care
*Contribute to incorrect assumputions of policy makers
*Invalidate research findings
The term used to describe expected data values is?
Data precision
Protections of healthcare information from damage, loss, & unauthorized alteration is also known as?
Since we implemented a new technology, we have eliminated lost orders & problems with legibility. What technology are we using?
Computerized physician/provider order entry
The paper-based health record format that organized all forms in chronological order is known as?
The integrated-health record
Critique this statement. The health record documents services provided by allied health professionals & the patients family.
This is a true statement?
This is a false statement as the health record documents the care provided by healthcare professionals?
An individuals right to control access to his/her personal information is known as?
When all required data elements are included in the health record, the quality characteristic for is met?
Data comprehensiveness
Critique this statement. Pateint care managers are individual users of health records.
This is a true statement.