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Physician assisted suicide

is only legal in Oregon and Washington

Terminally ill patients have how long to live?

6 months

Death at a cellular level

tissue are deprived of oxygen

indication of brain death

final cessation of bodily activity

medical signs that death has occurred

brain and respiratory activity are gone

gene therapy

treating harmful genetic diseases or traits by eliminating or modifying the harmful gene

Patient Self Determination Act

a federal law passed in 1990 that requires hospitals and other health care providers to provide written information to patients regarding their rights under state law to make medical decisions and execute advance directives.


the combination of proteins, called nucleotides, that is arranged to make up an organisms chromosomes


the process by which organisms are created asexually, usually from a single cell of the parent organism


a tiny segment of DNA found on a chromosome within a cell's nucleus.


a microscopic structure found within the nucleus of all living cells that carries genes responsible for the organism's characteristics.


a test whereby the physician withdraws a sample of amniotic fluid from the uterus of a pregnant woman

genetic engineering

manipulation of DNA within the cells of plants, animals, and other organisms through synthesis, alteration, or repair to ensure that certain harmful traits will be eliminated in offspring and that desirable traits will appear and be passed on.


transplantation of animal tissues and organs into humans

embryonic stem cells

cells that have the potential to become any type of body cell.


a legal doctrine that gives the state the authority to act in a child's best interest

mature minor

individuals in their mid to late teens who for health care purposes is considered mature enough to comprehend physician recommendations and give informed consent

palliative care

treatment of a terminally ill patient's symptoms in order to make dying more comfortable; also called comfort care

curative care

treatment directed toward curing a patient's disease

Uniform Determination of Death Act

a proposal that established uniform guidelines for determining when death has occurred


the study of death and of the psychological methods of coping with it.


a conscious medical act that results in the death of a dying person

durable power of attorney

an advance directive that confers upon a designee the authority to make a variety of legal decisions on behalf of the grantor, usually including health care decisions

passive euthanasia

the act of allowing a dying patient to die naturally, without medical interference


orders written at the request of patients or their authorized representatives that cardiopulmonary resuscitation not be used to sustain life in medical crisis


human reaction to loss

Stage 1 of grief

feelings of denial and isolation

Stage 2 of grief

anger, rage,resentment

Stage 3 of grief

bargaining and guilt

Stage 4 of grief

depression or sadness

Stage 5 of grief


Indian Child Welfare Act

federal statute that regulates state court child custody proceedings involving Indian children, includes (1) foster care placement, (2) adoption, and (3) termination of parental rights, but NOT placements arising out of divorce.

emancipated minors criteria

They are self-supporting
They are married
They are serving in the armed forces

genetic engineering objection

religious or moral grounds that humans simply should not tamper with the time honored progression of life as dictated by nature
the process will harm the environment by releasing super species that will crowd out natural species
may have unforeseen affects

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

protect against genetic discrimination

Human Genome Project

funded by the US government, was started in 1990 to analyze the entire human genome. All DNA organisms, including genes

in vitro fertilization (IVF)

fertilization that takes place outside a woman's body, literally, "in glass" as a test tube

quid pro quo

something for something

res ispa loquitur

the thing speaks for itself

res judicata

the thing has been decided

respondeat superior

let the master answer

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