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Arizona History/Government Packet Test

Summer Packet for 2012 seniors
The state bird for Arizona is
the cactus wren
The four colors used in the state flag of Arizona are
red, blue, copper, gold
The 1540 expedition seeking the "Seven Cities of Cibola" was led by
The person responsible for introducing agriculture, agriculture and Christianity in this area
In 1848 most of Arizona became property of the U.S. by war with
The president that signed Arizona into a territory was
Abraham Lincoln
The first territorial capital of Arizona was
Fort Whipple
The only Civil war battle fought in Arizona was
Picasso Pass
Two famous Apache chiefs were
Cochise and Geronimo
The man most famous for exploring mapping the Grand Canyon was
John Wesley Powell
The famous and picturesque mission in Arizona referred to as the "white dove of the desert" is
San Xavier del Bac
The president that signed Arizona into statehood was
William H. Taft
Arizona was part of what territory before becoming its own?
New Mexico
The first governor of the state of Arizona was
George W.P. Hunt
The man elected seven times as governor of Arizona is
George W. P. Hunt
The largest county geographically in Arizona is
The country that shares an international boundary with Arizona is
Arizona became a state in
President Taft objected to the part of Arizona's progressive constitution concerning
recall of judges
There are __ federally recognized Indian tribes in Arizona.
These ancient Indians set the groundwork for today's extensive canal system.
The laws of libel and slander restrict a person's right to
freedom of speech and press
Many bills are passed by the legislature as emergency measures to prevent the use of
the initiative
All initiative and petitions must be filed with
the Secretary of State
The legislature can be called into special session by the
How many member are in the Arizona House of Representatives?
How many Senators are in the Arizona Senate
In Arizona, lawmaking powers belong to the legislature and to the