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Before you can perform a selection sort, the data must be stored in ascending order.


A(n) ________ search uses a loop to sequentially step through an array


When an array is sorted from highest to lowest, it is said to be in _____ order


A binary search begins with the _________ element of an array


In the average case, an item is just as likely to be found near the beginning of an array as near the end


Data that is sorted in ascending order is ordered

from lowest to highest value

___________ algorithms are used to arrange random data into some order


Using a linear search to find a value that is stored in the last element of an array of 20,000 elements, ____________ element(s) must be compared


Array elements must be _________ before a binary search can be performed


A ________ algorithm is a method of locating a specific item of information in a larger collection of data


A(n) ________ search is more efficient than a(n) ________ search

binary, linear

Using a binary search, you are more likely to find an item than if you use a linear search


The _________ is adequate for searching through small arrays.

linear search

The bubble sort is an easy way to arrange data into ascending order, but it cannot arrange data into descending order.


The number of comparisons made by a binary search is expressed in powers of two


Before you can perform a bubble sort, the data must be stored in descending order


The advantage of a linear search is its ____________


A linear search can only be implemented with integer values


Regardless of the algorithm being used, a search through an array is always performed

None of these

The _________ sort usually performs fewer exchanges than the ________ sort

selection, bubble

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