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WHI.11 Civilizations of the Western Hemisphere

civilization located in the Mexican and Central American rain forests
Chichen Itza
an ancient Mayan city located on the Yucatan Peninsula
government in Mayan civilization
groups of city states ruled by kings
economy in Mayan civilization
based on agriculture and trade
religion in Mayan civilization
polytheistic; pyramids
civilization located in arid valley in central Mexico
Capital of the Aztec Empire, located on an island in Lake Texcoco. Its population was about 150,000 on the eve of Spanish conquest. Mexico City was constructed on its ruins.
government in Aztec and Incan civilization
ruled by an emperor
economy in Aztec civilization
based on agriculture and tribute from conquered peoples
religion in Aztec civilization
polytheistic; pyraminds, rituals
civilization located in the Andes Mountains of South America
Machu Picchu
An ancient Inca fortress city in the Andes northwest of Cuzco, Peru
economy in Incan civilization
based on high-altitude agriculture
religion in Incan civilization
importants system built by the Incas
road system
major achievements of the Mayan, Incan and Aztec civilizations
- calendars
- mathematics
- writing and record keeping systems

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