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Cardi is an example of which word part?

word root

What word parts make up the medical term arthroscopy?

word root, combining vowel, suffix

Which combining form means joint?


Which is a suffix that means measure?


Wilm's tumor is an example of a(n):


AIDS is an example of an acronym or abbreviation?


What is the definition of the medical term intrahepatic?

pertaining to within the liver

Which prefix means above or excessive?


Study of the stomach is the definition of which medical term?


Which is the medical term that means pertaining to the stomach and liver?


How many word roots are in osteoarthritis?


What is the definition of the medical term osteitis?

inflammation of the bone

What is the definition of the suffix -scopy?

use of an instrument for viewing

What is the meaning of the prefix ab-?

away from

The pregnant client will soon deliver a baby, head first. This presentation is known as:


In a dorsal recumbent position, the client is lying on his/her:


If a physician ordered a lateral chest x-ray, the x-ray will be taken from which view?


The patient has an injury on his shin. The nurse should check the circulation distal to the point of injury. The nurse should check circulation in the:


The medical term for pertaining to below a reference point is:


What is part of the viscera of the abdominal cavity? liver, cervix, kidney?


If a patient presents complaining of lower back pain, the health care provider would complete a close assessment of which region?


Which abdominal region is just below the cartilage of the ribs?


The health care provider conducts an interview and assessment to discover the cause of the client's disease, which is the


The patient complains of headache and nausea. The health care provider should chart these:


A radiologic procedure that uses computer imaging to produce three-dimensional images of organs in the chest and abdomen is know as a(n):

CAT scan

Which is a suffix that means pertaining to?


List building blocks of the body in order, from simple to complex.

molecules, cells, tissues, organs

The word root that means color is:


One who studies tissues is known as a(n):


DNA, which contains genetic material, is the universal acronym for:

deoxyribonucleic acid

The parts of a cell that perform many of its functions, such as construction of molecules and release of energy, are known as:


Which is NOT a type of muscle tissue? skeletal, cardiac, smooth, or nerve?


Which prefix means up, toward, or apart?


The prefix meta- means:

after or change

Which combining form means flesh or muscle?


Which suffix means formation, cause, or produce?


A malignant tumor of glandular epithelial tissue is known as:


The spreading of cancer cells from the primary tumor is known as:


A malignant carcinoma that arises from connective tissue is known as:


A treatment for cancer using drugs is known as:


Which is the medical term for movement toward the body midline?


Which combining form means curved?


The medical term for inflammation of the tendon and synovial membrane that surrounds a joint is:


A chronic skin condition characterized by red lesions with silvery scales is known as:


Which medical term means disease-related death of tissue?


In the skeletal system, the combining form myel/o means:

bone marrow

With this disease, inflammation of the wrist causes pressure against the median nerve.

carpal tunnel syndrome

A tear of fibers within a MUSCLE is called a:


The medical term bradykinesia means:

abnormally slow movement

This type of arthritis is caused by an autoimmune process.

rheumatoid arthritis

The paraplegic must exercise his muscles daily to prevent a reduction in muscle size and strength known as:


This disease is characterized by an abnormal loss of bone density.


The suffix that means surgical fixation or fusion is:


The medical term for inflammation of the tendon is:


The elderly patient fractured her hip and needs a hip replacement. She will be scheduled for an


Which disorder affects the big toe with pain caused by deposits of uric acid crystals?


Select the combining form that means bone marrow.


The medical suffix that means view of is:


The patient's skin has a yellowish coloration. The health care provider should chart that the skin:

is jaundiced

Vitiligo is defined as a:

condition in which a loss of pigment-producing cells results in whitish areas of skin

The word root that means nail is:


The word root myel means:

bone marrow

Which type of joint allows the most movement between bones and occurs in the knee, elbow, wrist, and shoulder?


An injury to the skin that causes discoloration and swelling without breaking the skin surface is known as a:


Closing a tendon with sutures is known as:


A surgical puncture of a joint to withdraw or aspirate fluids from the synovial cavity is known as


Inflammation and degeneration of a joint is known as:


This is a disease that causes progressive muscular weakness and deterioration.

Duchenne's muscular dystrophy

A medical field that emphasizes the relationship between the musculoskeletal system and overall health, with an emphasis on preventative medicine, is:


An abscess is defined as:

a collection of pus from a localized infection

Surgical excision of part of a vertebra as part of treatment for a herniated disk is:


This type of arthritis is caused by the wear and tear that occurs with age


The abused client comes to the emergency room with multiple purplish patches on the skin caused by leaking blood vessels. The health care worker would chart that the client has:


The definition of the suffix -malacia is:


A tear of fibers within a LIGAMENT is called a:


The pale area at the proximal end of the nail is the:


Select the combining form that means joint.


The combining form myc/o means:


A small, solid, circumscribed skin elevation is a:


An abnormal sensation of numbness and tingling without an objective cause is known as:


The correct meaning of the root in the term cephalalgia is:


The physician has prescribed a medication to relieve the patient's pain. The nurse should prepare to give a(n):


A patient presents to the emergency department complaining of numbness and weakness on his left side. The doctor believes this patient is experiencing a stroke (irreversible death of brain cells due to the cutoff of blood supply to the brain). The correct abbreviation for this medical condition is:

CVA, cerebrovascular accident

The definition of diplopia is:

double vision

This is a chronic disease characterized by uncontrollable tremors

Parkinson's disease

The thin film of neurons in the back of the eye that contains photoreceptors known as rods and cones is the:


The client has paralysis on one side of the body. The chart would show that the client


The patient is scheduled to have a diagnostic procedure that records the electrical impulses of the brain. This is a(n):


Which prefix means all or entire?


The word root that means sensation or perception is:


The correct meaning of the word root in the term neuroma is


This disease is caused by deterioration of the myelin sheath that covers the axons within the brain.

MS, multiple sclerosis

An incapacitating mental disorder indicated by a gross distortion of emotions and an incapacity to recognize reality, relate to others, and cope with ordinary demands of daily life is known as:


The medical term for inflammation of the membrane that covers the surface of the brain and spinal cord (inflammation of the meninges) is:


The medical term for temporary loss of consciousness (fainting) is:


Know how to spell Alzheimer's


Select the combining form that means mind.


Blepharoptosis can be defined as:

a drooping eyelid

An eye disease characterized by increased intraocular pressure is:


The dilation of a blood vessel that supplies the brain is known as

cerebral aneurysm

Involuntary, rhythmic movements of the eye are known as


An injury to the soft tissue of the brain from a blow or violent shaking, which results in altered mental function, is called a:


The definition of myelitis is:

inflammation of the spinal cord

The combining form that means lens is


The thin sheet of cells that covers the anterior surface of the eye and the inner surface of the eyelid is the:


The center of thought, personality, emotions, and sensory perception is the


The medical term that means eyestrain is


The medical term for being paralyzed from the neck down is:


The study and medical practice of the nervous system is:


The ring of smooth muscle that forms the colored part of the eye is the:


A chronic degenerative disease of the brain indicated by hand tremors, rigidity, and shuffling gait is known as:

Parkinson's disease

Inflammation of a nerve is known as


The combining form somat/o means


An abnormal sensation of numbness and tingling caused by an injury to a nerve is known as:


Repair of a detached retina, in which a portion of the sclera is resected and an implant inserted, is

scleral buckling

A localized swelling at the edge of an eyelid caused by obstruction of a meibomian gland is known as


The definition of encephalitis is

inflammation of the brain

The medical term for paralysis of both legs is:


The medical term for an abnormal condition of a gland is:


The medical term for abnormal protrusion of the eyeballs is:


A medical term for the sensation of whirling motion is:


The medical term for inflammation of a gland is


The client complains of a sensation of dizziness. The health care worker should chart that the client is experiencing:


Excessive buildup of ear wax in the external auditory canal is:

cerumen impaction

Select the combining form that means gland.


Cushing's syndrome develops because of abnormal amounts of hormone from this gland


Which gland secretes growth hormone (GH)?

anterior lobe of pituitary gland

This gland is located on top of the kidney.


Choose the term for a cancerous (malignant) tumor with a gland-like pattern of cells


Hypersecretion of growth hormone in an adult results in which disorder?


Tetany, which leads to excitation of nerves and muscle spasms, is caused by a deficiency of:

parathyroid hormone

The use of radioactive iodine to treat a disease of the thyroid gland, such as a thyroid tumor, is:

radioiodine therapy (RAI)

The medical term for low blood sugar is:


Congenital hypothyroidism in children, which results in reduced mental development and dwarf-like physical stature, is:


Otosclerosis is hardening in the ear of the:

stapes and oval window

Diabetes insipidus is caused by

undersecretion of ADH, antidiuretic hormone

Select the medical term for excessive thirst.


The medical term for total hearing loss is:


Hirsutism in women is caused by

hypersecretion of androgens by the adrenal cortex

A condition resulting from excessive thyroid hormone levels is known as:


Aldosterone, which regulates body-fluid balance and blood pressure, is secreted by the:

adrenal cortex

Which endocrine gland is known as the "master gland" due to the control it maintains over other glands?

pituitary gland

The medical term for impaired hearing is:


This gland is located in the head.


The medical term tympanoplasty means:

surgical repair of the tympanic membrane

The term hirsutism means:

excessive body-hair growth

The meaning of the prefix in the term hypothyroidism is


The process of using a handheld instrument to view and examine the ear is called:


The meaning of the root in the term hyperglycemia is:


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