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  1. If state troopers were instructed to write a ticket for any motorist going 1 mph over the speed limit, one could argue that this department was operating under ________ style of policing.
  2. The __________ era of American policing was characterized by the police serving the interests of politicians.
  3. ______________ policing is best characterized by providing service to citizens.
  4. A neighborhood resource officer asks residents to clean up litter, remove graffiti, and install better lighting in a nearby park that is known for extensive drug dealing. Such a request is characteristic of _________ type of policing.
  5. In the year ____ the FBI begin as the Bureau of Investigation?
  1. a political
  2. b Community
  3. c 1908
  4. d legalistic
  5. e problem-solving

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  1. CAPS
  2. criminal
  3. new york
  4. values
  5. 1969

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  1. According to a recent Bureau of Justice Statistics study, _____ percentage of local police departments had full-time officers engaged in some form of community policing.crime


  2. The F.B.I. operates one of the largest _____ labs in the world.crime


  3. The _______ is the local law enforcement official responsible for serving court papers, maintaining security within courtrooms, and running the county jail.Sheriff


  4. The state of _____________ was the first to centralize its state police force.pennsylvania


  5. ______________ policing is a policing strategy that reorganizes conventional patrol strategies into integrated and versatile police teams assigned to a fixed district.Strategic


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