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WORD Section 4 Drawing and clipart


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Text Box
Allows one to set off text in a box as an object.
A communication that is posted in public or distributed.
Clip Art
Includes various media types such as drawn images, photographs, movies and sounds.
Image format that almost all Windows applications recognize.
Common Image Formats
.gif, .jpg, .wmp and tif
Word Art
Creates text as art
Smart Art
A conceptual diagram that helps visualize information
Stacking graphics on top of each other in a logical order.
Creates one object out of multiple individual parts.
Sales tool that conveys a message about a product or service and thus helps to market it.
Section Break
Splits a document into multiple sections allowing a change in format or layout in each section.
Creates a newsletter look where text or graphics can be broken into multiple verical lines.
Drop Cap
An enlarged capital letter that drops below the first line of body text. Usually the first letter of a paragraph
Any graphic or text box that can be manipulated separately from text within a document.