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Site Title: Marieb/Hoehn, Human Anatomy & Physiology, 9e - Study Area Book's Title: Human Anatomy and Physiology Book's Author: Marieb/Hoehn Location on Site: A&P Flix > A&P Flix Quizzes > A&P Flix Quizzes > Events at the Neuromuscular Junction

As an axon enters a muscle, it branches into a number of axon terminals, each of which makes contact with a single muscle fiber. The portion of the sarcolemma in contact with the axon terminals is called the ________.

Motor end plate

At the neuromuscular junction, calcium ions act to _________.

Release synaptic vesicles from the axon terminal

The first thing that occurs when the axon terminal releases ACh is _________.

Diffusion across the synaptic cleft

What type of ion channel opens in response to an action potential arriving at the axon terminal?

Voltage-gated calcium

What is the name of the enzyme that degrades ACh?


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