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Acts dealing with the election process

Voting Rights Act of '65

guarenteed vote for minorites

Civil Rights Act of '57

gave the attorney general power to require federal courts to issue orders to prevent any interference with persons right to vote ( Strong Thrumond filibustered reading from the phonebook )

Civil Rights Act of '60

created federal voting referees who helped correct conditions to prevent voter discrimination

Civil Rights Act of '64

abolished use of voter registration or a literacy requirement to discriminate against any voter

Motor Voter Act

1) automatic registrations when license is required. 2) authorized $50 million for implementation 3) automatic renewal of registration when renewing license 4) requires states to review voter list

McCarthy Frasier

Increased minority delegate representation

Federal Election Campaign Act

put limits on campaign spending

Bi-Partisan Campaign Act ( McCain - Fiengold Act )

banned soft money contributions to political campaigns and limits on issue ads

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