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  1. cavort
  2. resolve
  3. presage
  4. matriculate
  5. wry
  1. a to enroll as a member of a college or university
  2. b humorously sarcastic or mocking
  3. c to leap about in a sprightly manner; romp
  4. d to conclude, find the solution
  5. e to foretell; indicate in advance

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  1. to praise, glorify, or honor
  2. clumsy or awkward
  3. not speaking freely; reserved
  4. to bypass, to sail completely around
  5. to break up, to scatter, spread far and wide

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  1. hydrateto add water


  2. disbeliefTo refuse to believe in


  3. conciliatoryfriendly, agreeable


  4. elaborateto clarify, explain


  5. pariaha social outcast