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  1. behemoth
  2. peruse
  3. scoff
  4. loath
  5. composure
  1. a reluctant, unwilling
  2. b to Examine Carefully
  3. c huge creature
  4. d calmness of mind or appearance, self-possession
  5. e to treat with disrespect

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  1. to make an educated guess
  2. moderated, restrained
  3. provide a service or favor for someone
  4. suitable for cultivation of land
  5. gruesome, horrible, relating to disease

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  1. plaintiveexpressive of sorrow or woe, melancholy


  2. rambleto roam, wander aimlessly


  3. equestrianwinding, twisting snakelike in shape or movement


  4. conjurecalmness of mind or appearance, self-possession


  5. waywardlacking energy or liveliness


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