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  1. eloquence
  2. cavort
  3. plethora
  4. discourse
  5. lineage
  1. a overabundance; excess
  2. b ancestry, the descendants of one individual
  3. c conversation, discussion
  4. d fluent and effective language
  5. e to leap about in a sprightly manner; romp

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  1. to fling, throw forcefully
  2. group
  3. act of twisting or turning
  4. mistrustful, on guard;cautious
  5. unclear; having more than one possible interpretation

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  1. conscientiousGoverned by conscience; careful and thorough


  2. arboretumplace where different trees and shrubs are studied and exhibited


  3. pariahmanner of walking


  4. ineptgroup


  5. disbeliefto break up, to scatter, spread far and wide