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Describe yourself to me in one word
"Dynamic," because I change, I adapt, I do whatever I need to do to succeed.
What do you expect from this position?
This job will require me to sharpen my skills at cash handling and better prepare me for more challenging positions later on in this company.
How would you promote Hollywood Casino?
Social Media
What are your goals either professionally or personally?
To move up in the company and effectively utilize my degree in business management by ultimately becoming a casino manager
If you were to have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would you choose and why?
Steve jobs he was a pioneer in the technology industry and an icon in the entrepreneurial world.
Name something you did that you felt was going above and beyond your job duties
Artisan pizza, corporate office to see which stores still had it.
Do you work well with others?
Yes I am a team player and like to help people when I can
Can you work well in a fast paced environment?
yes family day example