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Instruct clients to take these medications as prescribed on a daily basis to establish therapeutic
plasma levels.
● Assist with medication regimen adherence by informing clients that it can take 1 to 3 weeks to begin
experiencing therapeutic effects. Full therapeutic effects may take 2 to 3 months.
● Instruct clients to continue therapy after achieving therapeutic effects. Sudden discontinuation of
medication can result in relapse.
● Advise the client that therapy usually continues for 6 months after resolution of symptoms and may
continue for a year or longer.
● Assess clients for suicide risk. Antidepressant medications can increase the client's risk for suicide
particularly during initial treatment. Antidepressant-induced suicide is mainly associated with clients
younger than age 25.
● For SSRIs
◯ Advise clients to take medication in the morning to minimize sleep disturbances.
◯ Advise clients to take medications with food to minimize GI disturbances.
◯ Obtain baseline sodium levels for older adult clients taking diuretics, and monitor periodically.
● For atypical antidepressants
◯ For all atypical antidepressant medications, avoid use with MAOIs.
◯ Advise clients taking bupropion for prevention of seasonal pattern depression to take medication
beginning in the autumn each year and gradually taper dose and discontinue by spring.
● For TCAs
◯ Monitor for toxicity manifested by cardiac dysrhythmias.
◯ Administer at bedtime due to sedation and risk for orthostatic hypotension.
● For MAOIs
◯ Give clients a list of tyramine-rich food so hypertensive crises can be avoided.
◯ Advise the client to avoid taking any other prescription or nonprescription medications unless
approved by the provider.