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"Shooting Kabul" Review


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Where is Fadi and his family running away from in the beginning of the story? Where are they going?
Afghanistan; the United States
Who is the main character (protagonist)?
What was Habib's answer when Mariam asked why the Taliban was bad now?
He said, "It's human nature that whenever someone is handed lots of power they have a tendency to abuse it."
Why did Fadi's family return to Afghanistan after living in the United States?
His father and mother wanted to help the people in Afghanistan.
At home in Afghanistan where did Fadi go to school?
He was homeschooled.
What kind of doll is Gulmina?
A Barbie doll
How was Mariam separated from her family?
Mariam got left behind because she let go of her brother's hand to get her Barbie when they were getting on the truck.
Where did The family stay after reaching the United States?
The family stayed in Fremont, California with Uncle Amin.
What is special about Fremont California?
It has a huge Afghan population.
Why did Fadi say he deserved to be alone in the dark?
He said that because he felt responsible for losing Mariam.
Who are Abay and Dada?
Uncle Amin's parents
Where do Afghan families eat dinner?
On the floor, usually using a tablecloth (dastarkhan)
What was Habib's dream for Afghanistan?
To rebuild Afghanistan and bring peace to its people
When Uncle Amin asked how things in Kabul were, Fadi's mother said that some people were eating something unusual. What was it? Why were they eating it?
People in Afghanistan were eating grass because the low rainfall ruined the crops and caused food shortages.
What did Fadi overhear his mother tell her sister?
Zafoona said it was her fault that Mariam got left behind.
What kind of job did Fadi's father get in the United States, Why?
He was a taxi driver; because he could earn a decent living and there was no openings as a teacher.
Where did Fadi's sister Noor work? What was the surprising thing she did with her money she earned?
She worked at McDonald's, and she gave the money she earned to her father to help support the family.
Why did Noor feel that it was her fault Mariam was lost?
She felt it was her fault because she was the oldest and supposed to look after the younger children.
At Fadi's new school he said he felt "as though he were hidden behind a camera lens watching another world world whirl past in shattered fragments." How do you think Fadi feels about his new school? Do you think he will make friends and fit in?
He feels like he is the oddball, I think he will fit in and make friends once he gets used to the adjustment.
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In August the U.N. tightened sanctions against the Taliban. What effect did this have on Pakistan's border?
Things got very tight and intense, so it was harder to get across the border.
Why is chapter 8's title: Spotted
It is called "Spotted" because Mariam was spotted by another family the night Fadi's family fled.
Describe Ike and Felix. What do you predict will happen between them and Fadi?
Ike and Felix are always causing trouble and bullying other students. Answers will vary: I think they and Fadi will get in many fights later in the story.
What was Fadi's problem about joining photo club?
The fee to join was $50, and his family was tight on money so he couldn't afford to join.
Why was Fadi so interested in winning the photo contest?
He wanted to win so he could win the trip to India. If he won the contest he and his father could fly to India and go to Peshawar to look for Mariam.
What was Fadi's plan that began with him hiding in his father's car trunk?
Fadi was going to hide in the trunk of his father's taxi and when his dad was driving to the airport to drop off customers, he was going to sneak out and pretend to be with another family in order to catch a flight to Peshawar to find Mariam.
What does the taxi passenger mean when he tells Fadi to study hard or "you'll end up being a taxi driver like your father?" What does the man infer about Fadi's father?
The passenger implies that if Fadi fails in school he will have to settle for a low-paying profession. He thinks Fadi's father is unsuccessful and poor.
What did Noor give Fadi?
$50 to enter the photo club
What happened in the United States on September 11, 2001? How does this affect the lives of Fadi, his family, and the members of his community?
On September 11, 2001, terrorists hijacked American planes and crashed the planes into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. Fadi's family is Muslim, so people give them a hard time and look at them differently.
What did Habib say about the attack on New York and the Pentagon?
He said it was horrible and most Muslims wouldn't do such a thing.
Who bullied Fadi?
Ike and Felix
Why wasn't Jon at the photo club meeting?
He was beat up on the way to school because of the attacks on September 11, 2001.
What happened at Toys R Us?
While Fadi was shopping, he wandered to the Barbie section of the store. They reminded him of Mariam so he flew into a rage and destroyed several of the dolls.
Why did Fadi tear up his street picture?
He thought it wasn't perfect and it didn't evoke emotion.
Why was Mr. Singh, the ice cream man, attacked?
Others thought he was a Muslim because of the way he dressed. Because of 9/11, he was attacked even though he was Sikh.
When Fadi went back to school to get the roll of film, what happened? What effect did this have on his mother and on the contest?
He was jumped by Ike and Felix, and they broke his camera. This event worried his mom so much that it pulled her out of her funk.
What news did the family learn at the Khyber Pass restaurant? How did it affect them?
They found out that Afghanistan was being bombed, so they were worried about Mariam's safety.
Do you think the boys should seek revenge against Ike and Felix? Why or why not?
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What did the boys do to Ike and Felix?
Fadi and his friends hid behind a bush and then jumped out and scared Ike and Felix. The boys were going to beat up the bullies, but then decided it was wrong; instead they threw them in the lake and made them promise not to bully people anymore.
Describe the picture Fadi chose to enter into the contest. Did he win?
Fadi entered a picture of Abay and Dada enjoying a moment together. No, he did not win the photo contest
What did Ms. Bethune say to Fadi that made him feel better about Mariam ?
She said that it wasn't his fault Mariam was lost. She said sometimes, "bad things happen to good people."
What did Fadi realize he had to do?
He realized he had to tell his parents it was his fault Mariam was left behind.
How does Fadi entering the contest help his family find Mariam?
When Fadi and the photo club go on a field trip to look at the other photo entries he meets Clive Murray, one of the contest judges. Mr. Murray shows him some of the pictures he took when he visited Afghanistan, and in one of the pictures Fadi sees a girl holding a doll in a hot pink burka. Fadi immediately realizes it's Mariam, so the family is shortly reunited with her.
What was N.H Senzai's purpose of writing "Shooting Kabul?"
She wanted to write it on account of her husband's experiences fleeing Afghanistan.
What is the most important message in"Shooting Kabul?" (THEME)
Even when faced with difficult situations, you should never give up hope.
How is running important in "Shooting Kabul?"
Running in the story is a symbol of freedom, escape, and peace.
What color is used as a symbol of Mariam throughout the story?