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When using in-school suspension with students with disabilities, it is not necessary to continue the student's FAPE.


Restraint and seclusion should be addressed in the student's IEP.


Students with disabilities who attend public school are subjective to a school district's regular discipline policies.


A court may find that a special education student was deprived of a FAPE if the student's problem behaviors were not addressed in the IEP.


. A legally and educationally acceptable behavior intervention plan (BIP) is one that merely describes prohibited behavior and specifies consequences for the misbehavior.


. Under the IDEA, most discipline procedures used with students in public schools must be adapted to meet the needs of students in special education.


The IDEA required that the IEP team must meet and conduct or revise and FBA and BIP within 10 business days from when a student is removed for more than 10 days.


According to the U.S. Supreme Court, corporal punishment in schools is prohibited by the U.S. Constitution.


If a student has a history of problem behavior, or if such behaviors can be readily anticipated, then the student's IEP must address that behavior.


It is up to the IEP team to decide when behaviors are impending the learning of the student and his or her peers and, therefore, they should be addressed in the IEP.


The first case in which the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that schools cannot unilaterally change the placement of children through expulsions was...

C. Honig v.Doe

Federal courts have held that it is a change of placement to suspend students for more than _________ consecutive days.


. Which of the following procedures is not required for suspensions of less than 10 school days?

e. Continue educational services.

. A manifestation determination hearing must be conducted when expelling students with disabilities or suspending them for more than 10 days. According to IDEA... (maybe more than one answer)

B. When the behavior is related to the disability, the child cannot be expelled
D. the IEP team must conduct the determination meeting

Following a principle of hierarchical application, which disciplinary procedure should be attempted first?

C. Verbal reprimand or proximity control

Be able to choose: an example of a controlled disciplinary procedure is...

Time-out, In-School Suspension, Out-of-school Suspension

Educational services must be provided to a student with disabilities if he or she is suspended in excess of ...

10 days

Which of the following disciplinary actions may be a violation of Section 504? (Maybe more than one answer)

a, b, c, d

School officials may unilaterally remove a student with disabilities from school for 45 calendar days and place him or her in an interim alternative educational setting for the following behaviors. (Maybe more than one answer.)

A, C, D, and E
(not b- noncompliance at school, on school premises, or at a school function.)

An interim alternative educational setting (IAES) may be used for disciplinary purposes in which of the following specific circumstances? (Maybe more than one answer.)

b. short term disciplinary removal for 10 days or less
c. long term disciplinary removal
e. when ordered by a hearing officer

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