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Chapter 2


nursing students serve this in hospitals. he/she gains valuable clinical experience while staffing the inpatient wards.

Goldmark Report of 1923

initially evaluated the preparation of nurses for community health nursing

Josephine Goldmark

chief investigator of a study that led to the establishment of yale university school of nursing


a gift or bequest that provides an income for an institution.

National Nursing Council For War Service

made up of 14 national organizations concerned about future of nursing. documented deficiencies & evaluated quality.

Eshter Lucile Bauer

a social anthropologist & director of the department of studies in the professions of the russell sage foundation

Nursing For The Future (brown report)

envisioned changes in nursing roles to include supervision, administration, teaching, and research.

Eli Ginzberg

report focused on the nursing shortage & the need for nurses to conduct further research.

Ginzberg Report of 1949

focused on effective use of auxilliary personnel & the nursing shortage.

Mildred Montag

studies prompted the development & growth of nursing in community colleges.

The Education of Nursing Technicians (montag study)

proposed a continuum of nursing functions assisting, technical, & professional.

Assisting functions

simple functions. based on common knowledge. could be learned on the job.

Technical functions

intermediate functions requiring skill, some judgement, & technical training. 2 year college associates degree.

Professional functions

complex function requiring expert skill & judgement. bachelor degree.

Community college education for nursing

montag 1959. compared state board results from various types of nursing programs.

Educational Preparation for Nurse Practitioners & Assistants to Nurses

1965 ANA. advocated a masters degree for the clinical nurse specialist role.

An Abstract for Action (lysaught report)

1970. encouraged career ladders & higher saleries for nurses.

Jerome P. Lysaught

recomended more research in nursing education & practice.

Study of Credentialing in Nursing: a new approach

1979. supported the development of a credentialing center for nursing.

Inez Hinsvark

primary researcher for the study of credentialing in nursing: a new approach.


a letter or certificate given to a person to indicate that person has a right to a certain position or authority.

National Institute of Medicine Study

1983. funded by the u.s. department of health and social services. mandated by the nurse training act of 1979

Katherine Bauer

conducted the national institute of medicine study

National Commission on Nursing Study

1981. prompted by nursing shortages in the 1960s & 1970s. funded in part by the american hospital association.

National Commission on Nursing Implementation Project

1985. included a focus on nursing delivery systems & nursing informatics.

Nursing informatics

focuses on information system in delivery, administration, documentation, & evaluation of patient care and diseases.

Health Professions Education for Future: schools in service to the nation

sponcered by the pew charitable trust in 1993

Pew Charitable Trust

supports various nonprofit activities, related to health, human services, & public policy.

Pew Health Professions Commission report

1995. controversial study due to recommendations to close some nursing & medical schools.


standardized regulations, accountability to the public, flexibility to support a safe & competent workforce, & effective & efficient regulations to promote the publics safety & welfare.


is a skill or behavior that is measurable & can be evaluated.

Health People 2010: the cornerstone of prevention

included a focus on mental health & ecological indicators of health.

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