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One year

Earl, driving under the influence of alcohol, causes an automobile accident that results in Frank's death. Earl is arrested and charged with a felony. A felony is a crime punishable by death or imprisonment for more than _____.

Federal District court

A failure of the FBI to comply a with reasonable request under the Freedom of Information Act may be challenged in__________.

Jewel's consent or a subpoena

The IRS wants to review the financial reports of Jewel Corp. The IRS can gain access to the reports through__________.

a scheme to defraud and the use of the mail system

For Carla's solicitation of investors in a nonexistant business, she is charged with mail fraud. This requires_________.

Belle only

Applied Manufacturing Company (AMC) intends to employ Belle as an agent. To establish Belle's authority, AMC must notify_________.


Eve, a first bank employee, intentionally deposits into her account checks given to her by bank customers for deposit into the customers' accounts. This is _________.

Implement those goals

With respect to the legislative goals of congress, the principal role of the Small Business Administration and other federal agencies is to____________.

the passage of enabling legislation by an administrative agency

Most federal administrative agencies, like the Food and Drug Administration, are usually created following_________.

a valid offer and a valid acceptance

Sam makes an offer to Tina to enter into a contract. Tina accepts the offer. A valid contract requires________

Words and Conduct

Local delivery service Inc. offers to deliver computers to Micro Store's customers for a certain price. Local's intent to extend a serious offer to Micro is determined by reference to Local's_______

All of the above

Commercial Products Company (CPC) markets its products nationwide. When making a decision CPC must take into account the needs of_______

objective theory of contracts

Bob claims that Carol breeched their contract. Carol responds that she never intended to enter into a contract with Bob. The intent to enter into a contract is determined with reference to_______________.

does not exist

Zipp Company offers to sell "from 1 to 1 million zippers for $1 each" to Wide Load Pants Inc. and specifies that Wide Load should "state the desired number in the acceptance." A contract _________.

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