Sociology: Deviance and Crime

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Primary Deviancedo not consider themselves deviant nor does society but they commit deviant actsSecondary DevianceIndividual is labeled as deviant and accepts it to be true EX: Joker from the Dark Knight or Whitey BulgerCrimeAny act that is labeled such by those in authority, Prohibited by law, Punished by government.FelonySerious crime, one year-life in prisonMisdemeanor"minor" crime, less than 1 yearDeviance VS CrimeDeviance is a behavior that violates norms and crime is a deviance act serious enough to warrant the gov.Violent CrimePurposely causes serious bodily injury.Crime Against Prop.Stealing, burglary, motor vehicle theft, arsonOrganized CrimeBusiness supply legal goods, services for profit, drug trafVictimless CrimeOnly causing harm to the person committing the crime EX: Heroin addictedWhite-Collar Crime (WC)People of high social status in course of their professional lives EX: Fraud, tax, tradingUCRUniform Crime Report: published by FBI, reports index crimes4 Main Components of Justice System1. Police 2. Courts 3. Corrections 4. Juvenile CourtsPolice Discretionpower to decide who is arrestedPlea BargainLegal negotiation of pleading guilty to a lesser charge in order to receive a lighter sentence.Recidivismrepeated criminal behaviorDegration CeremonyPeople being labeled as deviant, in public EX: Trial