58 terms

Essentials of Medical Language - chapter 1

roots, prefixes and suffixes from Allan & Lockyer, 2nd edition
ary (S)
pertaining to (S)
pulmon/o (R/CF)
lung (R/CF)
logy (S)
study of (S)
logist (S)
one who studies; specialist (S)
ia (S)
condition (S)
pneum/o (R/CF)
lung, air (R/CF)
itis (S)
inflamation (S)
ation (S)
process (S)
respir (R)
to breathe (R)
atory (S)
pertaining to; produced by (S)
ic (S)
pertaining to (S)
gastr (R)
stomach (R)
epi (P)
above, upon (P)
hypo (P)
below (P)
al (S)
pertaining to (S)
later (R)
side (R)
bi (P)
two (P)
uni (P)
one (P)
macro (P)
large (P)
cyte (R)
cell (R)
post (P)
after (P)
mature (R)
fully developed, ripe, ready (R)
pre (P)
before, in front of (P)
micro (P)
small (P)
nat/o (R/CF)
birth; born (R/CF)
peri (P)
around (P)
thorax (R)
chest (R)
cardi/o (R/CF)
heart (R/CF)
my/o (R/CF)
muscle (R/CF)
pathy (S)
disease (S)
dia (P)
complete (P)
gno (R)
knowledge (R)
sis (S)
abnormal condition; process (S)
tic (S)
pertaining to (S)
gram (R)
record (R)
electr/o (R/CF)
electricity (R/CF)
in (P)
in; not (P)
farct (R)
area of dead tissue (R)
ion (S)
action; condition; process (S)
emia (R)
a blood condition (R)
isch (R)
to block (R)
um (S)
structure, tissue (S)
axill (R)
armpit (R)
de (P)
without, from, take away (P)
ment (R)
mind (R)
ous (S)
pertaining to (S)
muc/o (R/CF)
mucus; mucous membrane (R/CF)
osa (S)
full of; like
cervic (R)
hyper (P)
above normal (P)
tens (R)
pressure (R)
ive (S)
pertaining to, state of, nature of, quality of (S)
fusion (R)
to pour (R)
trans (P)
across, through (P)
intra (P)
within, inside (P)
ven (R)
vein (R)
neur/o (R/CF)
nerve (R/CF)
ur/o (R/CF)
urine, urinary system (R/CF)