English 11A Lesson 5 Romanticism

Created by Prof. Michael J H Clarke
express the value and beauty of man's dreams.
Romantic writers
nature can be comforting.
Romantics believe that
Romanticism can be described as a reaction against the
limitations of
the American wilderness.
According to Romantic writers, eternal truths can best be found in
intuition : reason
Identify the correct analogy. Romanticism : Rationalism ::
A. love : hate
B. romance : adventure
C. intuition : reason
D. belief : thought
True or False. According to the Romantics, death is inevitable, so there is no need to fear it.
True or False. Romanticism is an artistic movement or a state of mind that developed in the 19th century.
True or False. Romanticism was a reaction against classicism, the primary philosophy or set of beliefs in the Age of Reason. That era emphasized reason, clarity, balance, and order.
True or False. The Romantic Movement stressed the idea that man is born evil and that man should listen to his head, not his heart.
True or False. The Romantic Movement stressed the importance of freedom and individualism.
True or False. Many Romantics were interested in the supernatural and the gothic.
True or False.The Romantic Movement went beyond literature into politics and social areas such as the feminist movement and abolitionism.
Order, balance, and clarity
What is not an example of Romanticism's literary focus?