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The capital of Canada is:


The Continental Core region of the United States is also known as the:

American Manufacturing Belt

__________ was responsible for consolidating Russia's gains in the early 1700s and in making a European-style state out of the loosely knit country.

Peter the Great

A unique form of rural settlement developed in French Canada is called:

long lots

Which of the following is one of Canada's Atlantic provinces?

New Brunswick

Technological breakthroughs now allow for the major exploitation of which of the following Albertan resources?

tar sands

The Kuzbas:

all of the above

Most of the population of Russia is found in the:

western part of the country

The geopolitical theory that indicates the Eurasian heartland is the key to control of the world was forwarded by:


Distance decay effects are greatest between Moscow and:


Which of the following is false?

the Cree in the Northern Quebec have launched their own movement aimed at independence from Canada

Montreal and the lower course of the St. Lawrence Seaway are located in the Canadian province of ________.


The movement of the Soviet capital from Petrograd (St. Petersburg) to Moscow:

was symbolic of a new period in Russian political and economic history, whose chief architect was V. I. Lenin

The __________ form(s) the eastern limit of the Russian Core:

Ural Mountains

Czarina Catherine the Great's territorial acquisition thrust was aimed at:

the warm-water Black Sea

Northern New England is tied culturally and economically to:

Atlantic Canada

Utah, Nevada, Idaho, and western Colorado are all part of the:

Continental Interior

Which of the following is a secondary economic activity?

beer brewing

Which of the following is one of Canada's Prairie provinces?


The North American region that is most dependent upon the extraction of raw materials is the:

Northern Frontier

St. Petersburg:

was named Leningrad during Soviet times

The geopolitical theory that indicates that rimland is the key to control of the world was forwarded by:


The two European powers that fought over control of the territory that became Canada were the:

French and British

Much of the economic growth of Texas is based on which commodity?


The major mountain range located in the land corridor between the Black Sea and Caspian Sea is the:


Most of the development in the Pacific Hinge region occurred:

after World War II

The peoples called Native Americans in the U.S. are called __________ in Canada.

First Nations

The North Slope of Alaska contains large quantities of:


A country's core area:

displays all of the characteristics listed above

The Great Lakes' main outlet to the sea is the:

St. Lawrence River

The North American region that is the largest and the least densely settled is the:

Northern Frontier

The former Soviet Union lasted about _____ years.


The transformation of raw materials into finished products is associated with the ____________ sector of a nation's economy.


A major difference between the colonial empire of Russia, on the one hand, and Britain and France on the other, is that:

Russia's empire was territorially contiguous

Which of the following is true?

Climate refers to long term average conditions.

Which metropolitan area contains the United States' largest cluster of Asians?

Los Angeles

Russia's core area:

incorporates the Central Industrial Region, at the heart of which lies the city of Moscow

Which of the following is a major natural gas producing State?


Which ethnic group does not fit with the area identified?

Hispanics and Oregon

Canada's primate city is:

Canada has no primate city

The major mountain range of the Pacific Northwest is the:


Which city is not located within the American Manufacturing Belt (the Continental Core Region)?


A continental climate is most likely to be found in:


The mountain chain in west-central Russia that is sometimes regarded as the "boundary" between Europe and Asia is known as the:


The North American region in which First Nations have the greatest interest is:

Northern Frontier

The Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut are all part of the:

Northern Frontier

Which of the following jobs belongs to the tertiary sector of the U.S. economy?

office receptionist

The two leading language groups in Canada are:

English and French

In 1900, the geographic form of the American city was most strongly shaped by:

the electric streetcar

The most important factor in the growth of the Pacific Northwest has been:

cheap hydroelectric power

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