Study Guide: Fahrenheit 451 PART 1


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What type of genre is this novel?
It is a dystopian novel.
.When was this novel first published?
Who is the author?
Ray Bradbury
What point of view is this novel written in?
3rd person limited
What is "utopian"?
an ideal world
What is "dystopian"?
the opposite of an ideal world
What is a "salamander" and how is it used in the novel?
Lived in fire in mythology
What is a "phoenix" and how is it used in the novel?
A bird which caught on fire and was reborn from its ashes (SYMBOL OF REBIRTH)
What is "Fahrenheit 451" (besides the title of the novel)?
The temperature at which paper burns
Who is Guy Montag patterned after in history?
Guy Fawkes - plotted to blow up the English Parliament but was stopped. British celebrate Guy Fawkes Day (Nov. 5) to remember that the plan failed.
What do the "firemen" do for a living?
They help enforce the law in which no books are allowed - they burn the books that are found.
In the opening scene, why are the books compared to birds?
The pages of the book are flapping, similar to the way a bird looks when it is flapping its wings. (DYING BIRDS)
According to pages 3-4, what does Montag think of his job?
He enjoys his job and gets pleasure out of burning books.
Who does Montag meet on the way home?
Clarisse McClellan
During his conversation, Montag says that "You never wash it off completely" referring to the kerosene. What could this mean symbolically?
Montag can never escape being a fireman - the smell is always with him, and so are his actions.
Why do you think that Bradbury would introduce Clarisse before Montag's wife, Mildred?
Clarisse has a major impact on Montag, making him consider things he has never thought of before. Clarisse is unique; Mildred is not.
Why does Mildred need help when Montag gets home?
She has tried to kill herself by overdosing on sleeping pills.
describe the help mildred receives
Two men, handymen, come with two machines. The first slid into the stomach and removed all of the contents of her stomach. The second machine "pumped all of the blood from the body and replaced it with fresh blood and serum."
Is there anything unusual about the way the two men go about helping Mildred? How is it unusual?
They are impersonal and do not discuss the procedure or how Mildred is feeling with Montag. They are used to the procedure because they get 9 or 10 cases per night.
How is life in Montag's house very different from that of Clarisse's house?
Montag's house is quiet and dark. Clarisse's house is bright and full of laughter and talking.
How does Mildred react after she wakes up from her previous night's experience?
Mildred does not know, or acts as if she doesn't know, what happened the previous night. She is extremely hungry and feels hungover. When Montag confronts her, she says she would do nothing of the sort.
What does Mildred do all day?
She watches and interacts with the TV all day
Describe the setup of Montag's TV room.
.The rooms has 3 TVs on 3 separate walls - the TVs are as large as the walls.
What is Clarisse doing when Montag sees her on page 21?
She was letting rain fall on her face
How is Clarisse different than Mildred?
She thinks, questions ideas she doesn't understand, is very social, and interacts with Montag,
16. What is the mechanical hound and what is its purpose?
It is a machine that resembles a dog. It is made with brass, copper, and steel; has 8 legs and a 4 inch needle it uses to inject its prey with morphine or procaine; and then the prey is tossed into the incinerator where it is burned. Its purpose is to hunt down any prey that is put into its olfactory system.
17. What is the hound's reaction to Montag?
The hound growled at Montag, rose up, and growled again with his needle extended. Montag left quickly.
18. Why does society consider Clarisse "anti-social" (page 29)?
She ponders why things are the way they are and she doesn't do things other teenagers do; so, she doesn't have any friends.
19. At the next fire, what does Montag take?
A book from the old lady's house
20. On pg 40, Beatty reveals something very important about himself & his knowledge. What is revealed?
He reveals that he knew the piece of literature the old lady quoted before being burnt alive (about the heretics Latimer and Ridley). Beatty says he's full of bits and pieces, which shows that he knows a lot about Literature.
21. What technology does Mildred use to go to sleep?
"seashells" - they're similar to headphones, but they're wireless
22. Who is Mildred's "family"?
the tv parlors
23. What has happened to Clarisse? How did it happen?
She died; she was hit by a speeding car.
24. What is unusual about the way Mildred told Montag about Clarisse?
She is very nonchalant when she tells Montag. She didn't tell him until 4 days after it happened. It's like she doesn't care or have any emotion about it.
ist three things Beatty talks about in his speech to Montag that are true about our world.
a. technology
The firemen became what they are because of technology. With the invention of photography, motion pictures, radio, and TV, books became less appealing.
ist three things Beatty talks about in his speech to Montag that are true about our world.
b. mass exploitation
The 20th century sped everything up and people desired a "snap ending."
ist three things Beatty talks about in his speech to Montag that are true about our world.
c.minority pressure
The bigger the population, the more minorities, and no one wants to be unhappy. So, they tried to please everyone, and that led to books of every type being banned.