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Unit 4-7

Which of the following is NOT a formal qualification for the presidency?

must have extensive prior political experience

electoral college

the name of the group that makes the formal selection of the President


the mass of people who actually cast votes in an election

keynote address

the speech given by an important party member at the first session of the national convention

The order of succession to the presidency after the Vice President is determined by the

Presidential Succession Act.

One of the major flaws in the electoral college system is that

the winner of the popular vote is not guaranteed the presidency.

The first session of the national convention is generally devoted to

giving speeches

proportional representation

Most States had to change their primary laws to account for the Democrats' ____ rule

presidential electors

must cast their State's formal votes for President

chief of state

As ____, the President is the political leader of the nation.


The basic statement of the party's policies and principles is known as its ____.

According to the Constitution, the President must

be at least 35 years of age.

A presidential primary can be

both of the above.

presidential succession

the plan by which a presidential vacancy is filled


the formal statement of a political party's basic principles

commander in chief

____ the President's role as the head of the armed forces

The national convention is held to accomplish all of the following EXCEPT

select the party's delegates

According to the Presidential Succession Act of 1947, which of these officers follows the Vice President in the line of presidential succession?

Speaker of the House

As of January 20, 2001, the President receives a yearly salary of


A President can serve no more than ____ years in office


The most widely supported plan for reform of the electoral college is the

direct popular election plan.

Which of the following is a way that presidential disability is determined?

The Vice President and a majority of the Cabinet inform Congress in writing

Most presidential caucuses differ from Statewide presidential primaries in all of the following ways EXCEPT the

main purpose for which the delegates are chosen.

During the nomination process, political battles are most likely to occur in

presidential primaries in the party out of power

All of the following are characteristics that usually determine who is nominated for President EXCEPT

Protestant faith

electoral college

The ____ is the group of people chosen from each State and the District of Columbia to formally select the President and Vice President

balance the ticket

Presidential candidates often choose a running mate who can ____ by virtue of certain characteristics

chief administrator

The President is the nation's ____, heading a large government organization


Under the ____ system, a candidate who wins the preference vote in a primary automatically wins the support of all the delegates chosen in the primary

chief executive

As ____, the President holds broad power in domestic and foreign affairs

The Framers of the Constitution called for the President to be elected by

a body of electors.

If an incumbent President is seeking another term in office, who will his party likely nominate?

the President

The electoral system broke down in the election of 1800 because of the

rise of political parties

The least number of presidential electors a State can have is


In case the President is disabled, the way the Vice President becomes President is determined by the

Twenty-Fifth Amendment.

the President may decide to resume duties after an illness by informing Congress that no inability exists, but that decision can be challenged by

the Vice President and a majority of the Cabinet

Which of the following statements is NOT an argument against the electoral college system?

The results depend upon how State congressional districts are drawn.

A State's presidential electors are chosen by

popular vote.

A formal duty assigned to the Vice President by the Constitution is to

preside over the Senate

The first and most widely publicized caucus today is held in the State of



Under the power of ____, the President can accept another country as equal in the family of nations

executive agreement

Without the consent of the Senate, the President can make a(n) ____ with heads of foreign states


is the granting of a general pardon to a whole group of law violators.

executive order

A directive, rule, or regulation made by the President that has the effect of law is called a(n) ____.

When President Andrew Johnson fired his secretary of war in 1867, he was following

the unwritten rule that the President may remove whomever he appoints

In essence, the ordinance power gives the President the right to

administer laws

Executive Article

The ____ outlines the powers of the presidency.


Since a full pardon was not granted, the criminal asked for a(n) ____ to lessen her sentence.


A ____ postpones the execution of a sentence, but in itself does not change the sentence

executive agreement

A(n) ____ is a pact between the President and a foreign state that does not require Senate approval.


A(n) ____ is an international agreement that requires senate approval

Which of the following gives the President the power to issue executive orders?

congressional acts and the Constitution

The power of the presidency has been cause for debate MAINLY because

the Constitution provided a loose definition of executive power

Which of the following statements about the President's power of removal is TRUE?

As a general rule, the President may remove any officeholders he or she has appointed.

The debate over the powers of the presidency is essentially a debate

between supporters of a strong presidency and supporters of a weak presidency.

Which of the following is a typical sequence of events in the appointment process?

nomination, Senate committee hearings, Senate debate, rejection

The power to issue executive orders is the

ordinance power

Which of the following has NOT worked to strengthen the powers of the presidency?

the constitutional system of checks and balances

The President's military powers

are shared with Congress

The ____ appoints Cabinet members ____

President; with Senate approval

Presidents who have been considered stronger and more effective leaders have viewed the presidency as

what Theodore Roosevelt called a "stewardship."

Treaties can be

all of the above.

Upon receipt of a bill, the President can take all of the following actions EXCEPT

call on a special session of congressional committees to revise the bill

The President's power to execute the law covers

all federal laws, whether or not the President agrees with them

Some Presidents, such as ____, have taken a narrow view of presidential powers.

William Howard Taft

Which of the following is NOT a reason for the growth of executive power?

demands for limits on Federal Government roles

The President exercises legislative power over Congress by

recommending legislation.

The President has the power to make executive agreements

without any congressional action or approval.

The difference between a treaty and an executive agreement is that

the President needs Senate approval for a treaty but not for an executive agreement.

A President can use armed forces abroad

at his or her own discretion

The President's power to grant pardons

can be used before a person is charged with a crime

The President CANNOT exercise judicial power by

granting pardons in cases of impeachment.

Which one of the following does NOT contribute to the Federal Government's classification as a bureaucracy?

The government has three branches with checks and balances.

The phrase "name game" suggests that

titles of government units are not standardized.

Which of the following are functions of employees working in the White House Office?

advise the President on foreign, domestic, and defense matters

The Federal Government is considered a bureaucracy primarily because it

is a complex system of organization based on certain principles

The civil service system was finally established because of

President Garfield's assassination by an angry office seeker

Which one of the following is an example of an independent agency?

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

The first reform that successfully laid the foundation for the present civil service system was

the Pendleton Act

The members of the President's Cabinet, after being appointed by the President, are then subject to

Senate approval

The spoils system is

the practice of giving offices and other favors of government to friends and supporters

Which of the following is NOT one of the principles upon which all bureaucracies are organized?

merit system

Which of the following is NOT a reason that independent agencies exist outside of Cabinet departments?

The Constitution specifically provided for the independent existence of some agencies

President Jackson supported the spoils system with all of the following arguments EXCEPT

only privileged people should be selected to fulfill public office.

Government corporations are unlike private corporations in all the following aspects EXCEPT

the titles of those who run them.

The civil service was created partly to ensure that federal employees

are promoted based on merit.

Which of the following are among the criteria for a President when choosing a Cabinet member?

all of the above

government corporation

Congress established the first ____ when the Bank of the United States was chartered

independent executive

The Environmental Protection Agency and the Peace Corps are both examples of ____.

The MAIN purpose of the National Security Council is to

advise the President on all domestic, foreign, and military aspects of the nation's security

Unlike staff agencies, line agencies

are directly responsible for administering programs

Which of the following was one of the original executive departments set up by Congress in 1789?

Department of Treasury

In the executive branch, the title of department is reserved for

agencies of Cabinet rank

Which one of the following agencies is a part of the Executive Office of the President?

Office of Management and Budget

Historically, the role of the Cabinet in the President's decision making may be described as

dependent on a President's use of it.

Executive Office of the President

The "nerve center" of the ____ is the White House Office.


Each ____ or person working for the organization, has certain defined duties and responsibilities

Some independent agencies are quasi-legislative and quasi-judicial in that they

have certain powers, given to them by Congress, to make laws and rule on conflicts.

The MAIN goal of the civil service today is to

recruit and keep the best available people in the federal work force

The administrative units in the government

are inconsistently called agencies, administrations, commissions, and so forth

Which one of the following groups of advisors is NOT part of the Executive Office of the President?

General Service Administration, NASA, EPA

Which of the following best summarizes the MAIN purpose of the Executive Office of the President?

helping the President carry out his or her duties as chief executive

Over time, the number of executive departments grew in large part because

the workload of the Federal Government expanded as the country grew

President William Howard Taft thought the Cabinet's role should be

entirely dependent upon the will of the President and his view of the Cabinet.

Federal employees are permitted to do which of the following?

hold office in a political party

Which statement about staff and line agencies is TRUE?

Line agencies perform tasks and administer programs, while staff agencies furnish advice and give assistance

One reason for the importance of the federal budget is that it

determines which public programs will have money to operate

A gift tax must be paid if a person

receives gifts valuing more than $10,000 in any one year

The process of preparing the federal budget begins with

estimates from all agencies detailing yearly spending projections.

Both corporate and individual income taxes are set at ____ rates


Canal tolls and fees for passports and patents are categorized as

nontax revenues

To combat a crisis situation in the past, Congress was allowed to

borrow money for the Federal Government

Which of the following is NOT a source of nontax money in the United States?

revenues collected as custom duties

The most important aspect of the federal budget is the impact it has on

public policy

Public debt today is measured in ____ of dollars


The Federal Government can levy taxes on all of the following groups EXCEPT


In recent decades, the Federal Government borrowed money mostly to

operate the government and pay previous years' debt.


Medicare is a(n) ____ because it must be paid to people who meet the requirements

uncontrollable spending

Social Security benefits are an example of

excise tax

A(n) ____ is a tax levied against the manufacture, sale, or consumption of goods. , continuing resolution

continuing resolution

Congress passed a(n) ____ for the Department of Energy to operate until annual appropriations were approved.

The largest source of federal revenue from taxes comes from

income taxes.

The Federal Government is able to borrow money at lower interest rates than private borrowers because

its securities are considered the safest possible investment

In developing the budget, the President's budget plan is referred to the

Budget Committee in each house of Congress for study

The power to borrow money, historically, was seen as a way for the United States to

meet the costs of both long and short term crisis situations

Two of the largest categories of federal spending are

Social Security and interest on the public debt

Taxes on the production, transportation, sale, or consumption of goods are ____ taxes


Sometimes the Federal Government's power to levy taxes for nonrevenue purposes is denied by the Supreme Court because

the tax provisions may interfere with a protected constitutional right

Which of the following limits on the Federal Government's power to tax is implied but not stated in the Constitution?

States shall not be taxed for their governmental activities


more annual income received, than spent

gift tax

tax levied on money or property given by one living person to another

payroll tax

tax generally withheld from paychecks, with the funds going to support major social welfare programs

tax return

declaration of income, exemptions, and deductions claimed

Today, more than one in every five dollars spent by the Federal Government pays for

interest on the national debt


is a charge levied for borrowing money, generally earning a percentage of the amount borrowed.

regressive tax

A tax that is set at a flat rate, without regard for income or the ability to pay, is known as a(n) ____.

custom duty

A ____ is a tax laid on goods brought into the United States from abroad

payroll tax

Money from the ____ helps pay for Social Security and Medicare programs

estate tax

tax imposed on the assets of one who dies

continuing resolution

ruling that allows a government agency to function until its annual appropriations are approved


benefit that federal law says must be paid to those who meet the eligibility requirements

progressive tax

tax that has a higher rate for a higher income

Although only Congress can appropriate the money that the Federal Government uses to operate, it is the ____ who initiate(s) the spending process


The Federal Government's practice of spending more than it takes in results in

deficit financing

A person with a low income from an importing business, who receives large gifts of money from friends and has no wealthy relatives, would prefer

a progressive income tax, low custom duties, high estate taxes, and low gift taxes.

The Federal Government can

tax an activity that Congress believes is harmful or dangerous to the public

Which of the following best describes the role of the secretary of state?

the President's chief aide and advisor on matters of foreign affairs

Which is NOT a stated purpose of the United Nations?

to promote free trade throughout the world

For the first part of the country's history, American foreign policy could be described most accurately as

a desire for noninvolvement

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