Unit 5 Civics

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The idea is proposed in a house or senate unless money is involved then it is proposed in the house of representatives eventually it is passed to the house floor if they pass it it goes to the senate which has to pass the same bill if it is passed it goes to the president who can sign it, veto it, or set it aside if he vetos it congress can over ride the veto with 2/3 of votes
How can the legislative branch check the power of the executive branch?They can Impeach the presidentWho elects the president and how many vote must he have?The Electoral College; He must have 270 votesWhich amendment firmly establishes the presidential order of succession?The 25thWhat government body approves presidential appointments and treaties?presidential appointments - Senate Treaties - President appoints senate approvesWhich role of the president describes the president as the manager of the country?Chief ExecutiveHow can the president use patronage to demonstrate his role as party leader?Appoint people who helped himChecks and BalancesNot one branch has more power then the othersEPAEnvironmental Protection agencyWhat are government corporations?Government business done privately for efficiencyPendleton ActMerit system (What not Who)What do Appeals Courts try to decide?If law is correctly enforcedHow can the power of the Supreme Court be checked?Write a new law / President appointsWhich branch of government can declare laws unconstitutional? Where does this power come from?The Judaical Branch; Marbury V. MadisonWhat is the term length for Supreme Court Justices?Life or until they retireWhat is the significance of Marbury V. MadisonJudaical ReviewWhat amendments are associated with Miranda V. Arizona?The 5th and 6thWhat is the significance of Mapp V. Ohio?You must have a specific search warrant; If its not in the warrant it doesn't matter in courtWhat were the results of Tinker V. Des Moines?Free speech is allowed for students in school with the limitation that it does not disturb the learning environment (the Tinker test)What is the significance of Gideon V. Wainwright?Every person is entitled to a lawyer if neededWhat types of cases are handled in federal courts?Counterfeiting and Kid nappingHow are Plessy V. Ferguson and Marbury V. Madison related to each other?Judicial ReviewWhat types of cases does the supreme court typically hear?Cases that involve the whole nation or the constitution