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tā - she, her

shì - am, is, are

nǎ - which

rén - person

shéi - who, whom?

nà - that


lǎoshī - teacher

dōu - Both; all


Zhōngguó - China

Nín - you (polite)

zhè - this

tā - he, him


wài yǔ foreign language

nǐ - you (singular)


nǎinai - grandmother (father's-side)


wài pó -maternal grandmother

Chén - a surname

shí - ten

bǐ - dagger

zhōng - centre, middle

rì - day; the sun

bèi - shellfish

yù - jade

shǐ - arrow

shēng - to be born, to give birth to; pupil

zhě -ist, -er (person) / person (who does sth)

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