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While good managment is basic to starting and growing a business, once some measures of success has been achieved, good management becomes less important.

false 1

Typical titles used for top managers are general manager, plant manager, regional manager, and divisions within a company

false 2

Middle managers are typically responsible for coordinating and linking groups, departments, and divisions within a company

true 3

Frank and Lillian Gilbreth studied the psychology of groups.

false 4

According to Weber's bureaucratic managment, people should lead by virtue of their rational-legal authority


The specific segment of an organization's external environment is unique to its region of the country.

false 6

Managers often prefer economic statistics to business confidence indices as tools for managerial decision making because of their inherently greater accuracy.

false 7

Ethics is the set of moral principles or values that defines right and wrong for a person or group

true 8

uder the U.S Sentencing Commission Guildlines, companies without compliance programs can pay fines many times larger than companies with established compliance programs.

true 9

The level of argument on whether behavior is good or bad is defined as the level of ethical acceptance

false 10

The shareholder model holds that management's most important responsibility is long-trem survival (noy just maximizing ptofits). According to the shareholder model, long-term survival is achieved by satisfying the interests of multiple corporate stakeholders (not just shareholders).

false 11

Stakeholders are people or groups with an interest in a company's actions

true 12

the media would be an example of a secondary stakeholder group for an organization

true 13

planning can unpede change, create a false sense of certainty, and lead to the detachment of planners

true 14

the three kinds of standing plans are policies, procedures, and rules and regulations

true 15

the process of rational decision making emphasizes the use of systematic procedures to arrive at optimal solutions. Not all processes of decision making follow suit.

true 16

Portfolio strategy is a corporate-level strategy that minimizes risk by diversifying investment among various businesses or product lines

true 17

based on the research evidence, related diversification appears to be a better strategy for portfolio management than unrelated diversification

true 18

Most companies compete directly with all the firms in their industry

false 19

Innovation streams are patterns of innovation over time that can create sustainable competitive advantage

true 20

At the death of her husband, Miriam McAllister became the CEO of a company that is the world's leading manufacturer of kiney dialysis machines. Even though she was not expected to, she quickly asked company employees to develop ideas for new products that would lead to organizational growth in a changing environment. The decisional role she took on was that of a:


Refer to krispy kreme. which management function had rudolph not performed at the time of his death


A contractor was feeling defeated because the job he was working on was so far behind schedule. As he looked at the job site, he saw one worker moving bricks by carrying two at a time from where they were unloaded to where they were needed. He saw another climbing up a ladder with a few shingles, climbing back down to get more, and then repeating the process. Which management process could be used to determine how the workers could perform their tasks more efficiently

Time and motion studies

Henri Fayol is responsible for developing

administrative management

In general, this management theory uses a quantitative approach to find ways to increase productivity, improve quality, and manage or reduce costly inventories

operations management

___ occurs when 1 + 1 = 3


When Susan started work at Henderson Textile Co., she was amazed at its employees who would take 30-minute restroom breaks, leave for the day at 2pm and generally belittle the company's management. Such employee's actions most likely developed over time as a result of a faulty____.

organizational culture

Which of the following is a viable strategy for changing organizational culture?

enployees to personalize their offices
behavioral substitution and behavioral addition
select job applicants with appropriate values and beliefs
eliminate the company dress code
all of these

Refer to Dofasco. The slump in the automobile industry would be part of Dofasco's___ environment


Which of the following organizations are covered by the US Sentencing Commission Guidelines?

a manufacturer of barbecue grills
a natural gas supplier
a chain of movie theators
a grocery wholesaler
all of these

Which of the following is an objective of ethics training

develop employee awareness about ethics
push ethics training throughout the entire organization
teach employees a practical model of ethical decision making
achieve credibility with employees
achieve all of these

The last step in the basic model of ethical decision making is to ______


Historically, ___responsibility means making a profit by producing a product valued by society. It has been the most basic social responsibilty of a business


Which of the following is NOT an example of a stakeholder group that an organization must satisfy to assure long-term survival?

the media

Which of the following statements about social responsibility and economic performance is true?

Social responsibility can sometimes create significant costs for a company

Refer to Anglo American. The wave of relief, optimism, and hope throughout South Africa is a reflection of the ___caused by Anglo's decision

magnitude of consequences

How does a company benefit from planning?

intensified effort, persistence, direction, and creation of task stratigies

____planning keeps options open by making small, simutaneous investments in many alternative plans


As a company that manufactures janitorial cleaning supplies tries to develop more environmentally- friendly products that can clean as well as its current ones, the company's manager must select among alternatives derived from oranges, parsley, lemons, or a combnation of these ingredients. This is the ___ step in the rational decision-making model.

evaluate each alternative

____is the emotional reaction that can occur when disagreements become personal rather than professional

C-type conflict

When CLorox Corporation, a manufacturer of bleach and bleach-based cleaning products, asquired Kingsford Charcoal and Prime Choice brand steak sauce; it was an example of ___

unrelated diversification

In an attempt to stop declining profitability, ICI, a British chemical company, deleted petrochemical products from its production and concentrated on specialty chemicals, a less capital-intensive, less cyclical business


If successful, which strategy is often followed by a growth strategy?

retrenchment 43

____is the collection of activities that transform into outputs that customers's value

Organizational process

While ____emphasizes jobs and their authority relationships,_______emphasizes the activities through which work gets done in the organization.

orgnaizational structure; organizational process

__departmentalization is notorious for confusion and conflict between project managers in different areas of the organization


Of all types of departmentalization,____departmentalization requires the highest level of management skill for successful implementation.

matrix 47

In a ___ organization, the normal procedure for dealing with any matter lying outside the boundaries of one individual's functional responsibility is to refer it to the point in the system where such responsibility is known to reside, or, failing that, to lay it before one's superior


___is a fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of business processes to achieve dramatic improvements in critical measures of performance such as cost, quality, service, and speed


Which of the following is an approach to managing interorganizational processes?

modular organizations

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