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World War II political leaders

Tojo Hideki
General who became prime minister of Japan
Adolph Hitler
Leader of Germany and Nazi Party
Joseph Stalin
Soviet Leader
Charles de Gaulle
General who led the Free French forces
Francisco Franco
Fascist leader of Spain
Winston Churchill
prime minister of United Kingdom elected during the war
Benito Mussolini
Italian fascist leader, "Il Duce"
Neville Chamberlain
prime minister of Britain who tried to appease Hitler
Neville Chamberlain
"Peace in our time" speech
Jiang Jieshi
Chinese Nationalist leader
Mao Zedong
Chinese Communist leader
Franklin Roosevelt
American president who tried to get US into the war in Europe
Marshall Philippe Petain
leader of Vichy France who cooperated with Germany
Emperor Hirohito
Japanese Emperor who was a figurehead during the war